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We’ve got 2 more anniversary celebrations for you before our Anniversary month is over! 

On Tuesday November 28th, all two Mistress calls will be available for the price of a 1 mistress call. Double your fun, add a second Mistress to your call!

And on the final day of the month, since you loved our “15 Free” promo so much, we’re doing it again! If you have made 15 calls, or a total of 150 minutes over the past 5 years, you get a free 15 minute call with the Mistress of your choice. Starting at 12:01AM on 11/30, and ending at 11:59PM (Eastern Time), you can either have a free call up to 15 minutes, or add your free 15 minutes to a longer call. If you’re not sure if you qualify, please email us at and we’ll let you know.

Thank you so much for celebrating 15 years of amazing erotic telephone entertainment at LDW with us. Here’s to 15 more!

Last Phone Sex Blog for a While

Whew! Talk about a masturbation marathon! I mean, a writing marathon. With my blog and Ms Ally’s free call offer to you, it’s been quite a few weeks. And you kept me so busy all day yesterday, wow!

So, you know my favorite fetish now (little clitty) … what’s yours? Many of you have different ideas for each call. What’s your preference? Sissy? Cuckold? Cock sucking? Guided masturbation? Or are you a very good, obedient and generous slave?

Speaking of which, here’s my updated wish list 🤠🤠🤠  Yanno, for Christmas and stuff.

This week I’m around at night when we’re back in our hotel room. Did I mention I’m in Paris? Yep, for two weeks. It was a surprise trip arranged by my sissy love Justin. I’m making him wear dresses the entire time we’re here, too. I’ll write all about that in an upcoming post.

Since when are there so many trannies in Paris?

Titillating Tuesday

Well it’s almost hump day, and I’ve blogged almost every day for the past few weeks. What an accomplishment! Especially for me, spoiled and usually just waiting to humiliate my next phone sex victim 😇

I’m taking a blog break after tomorrow, though. If I write too much I’ll talk less, and that means I’m silent during our calls. Haha! How fun would that be, to ignore you or at least make you think I am. Hmmm maybe that’s my new specialty.

In other news, you all were crazy this weekend. So kinky, easily manipulated, eager to please your mistress. Something about weekends brings out the best in you, much better than weekdays, weeknights, that sort of thing. Maybe you’re more relaxed. You’re definitely more imaginative.

OK, so my contest has come to an end. There’s no winner, but there are some honorable mentions. You’ll see in my next post. I’m changing names, of course.

Kisses and spanks!



Monday Morning Tease and Denial

So, an hour ago I was at the gym in an extra skimpy workout outfit. You know – short shorts, a tank top, no panties or bra. My usual summer workout wear but not so common in chilly weather like today. Oh well, I thought it would be fun to tease and deny some muscle heads.

So there I am on a thigh machine (I so love that machine) when suddenly my short shorts rolled up right into my, um, you know. I guess I was perspiring a bit, which tightened the fabric, and up they went! And, of course, three older cuckies were nearby on some weight benches. I didn’t know for a fact they were cuckolds, of course, but I could see they lacked lumps through their shorts. Thanks to walls of mirrors they all saw what happened, dropped their 10lb weights and turned to gawk.

What do you think your mean mistress did? Hmmmm? That’s right … nothing. I worked that thigh machine hard, everything showing, and opened my beautiful legs extra wide when I got up.

Melting cuckies. LOL. Call me, let’s play!

Little Clitty

Hmmm a longtime caller of mine asked yesterday what my favorite kind of humiliation phone sex call is. I’d not thought about that for a long time, because so many of you keep me so entertained, why have to pick just one?sexy melanie

But, this caller is so dear to me that I honored his request. After some thought I decided – little clitty!

Now, some of you think any penis over three inches will suffice. That’s three inches hard. When I hear that, and can finally stop laughing, I tactfully explain that, no, anything smaller than seven inches is not even a penis. It’s a clit, a little clitty, a teeny girly sissy thingie, like a mole that anyone would prefer to disregard.

I love a little clitty – it’s just so fun to make fun of.

So humor me, please. All you little clittys call me today, Sunday, and tell me all about how small you are and the hardships you’ve suffered because of it.

I can’t wait!

Hello Dahlings

Happy Saturday! yes, this is the dominant phone sex mistress day-of-the-week blog. LMAO!

So how was last night? Did you go out? Perhaps to a glory hole? You know I do not advise that – and if you insist on going, make sure you’re safe! And make sure you wear panties *chuckle* I’m speaking . . . → Read More: Hello Dahlings

TGIF Phone Sex

Hi, my strokers. TGIF! You know what this means, don’t you? Lots and lots of domination phone sex this weekend …

So, I have to ask. What is your obsession with super long humiliation calls lately? An hour, two hours, three hours, or calling back over and over, never able to get enough of . . . → Read More: TGIF Phone Sex

Such a Fun Week

Haven’t we had a blast this week? I mean, we’ve had a blast for years now but this week has been especially fun. So many of my past naughties have been calling, and some rocking new ones too. Where have you all been hiding your teeny cocks?

I’m so glad you’re back. Stroking away, . . . → Read More: Such a Fun Week

Secret Naughty Cock Stroker

Yes, that’s you! Unless you tell everyone you know in your life that you call me, of course. If you don’t, then you’re a secret naughty cock stroker.

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Today, and My Schedule

Hello, lovies. Today is the last day you can grab a free 5-minute phone sex call with me. I’m offering them from 3pm-6pm eastern time, and then that’s it, so I do hope you try to reach me. And I DO hope you schedule more than five minutes, because last week’s rules still apply. You . . . → Read More: Today, and My Schedule