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A Huge Hit!

Wow! Seems my recent post and request to get to know my new phone sex callers better is a huge hit! I’ve received wonderfully descriptive emails about some of you naughties, it is the start of a beautiful relationship 🙂 Please keep them coming! My email address is melanie at enchantrixempire dot com.

And now, I’ll expand this information request to ALL my callers. No matter how long you and I have known each other or how often we speak, I want to know something new about you! Something we have not discussed. Perhaps you have a secret you’ve always wanted to share with me, but we get sidetracked with … um … other things 😉 and your secret has not come up. Or perhaps you have been too shy to tell me on the phone. So put it in an email instead! It doesn’t have to be a secret, you can tell me anything. What you did today, what you had for breakfast, what you dreamed about last night. The most recent movie you saw. I want to get to know you better, you are very important to me.

Of course, I WILL use this information to further control you 🙂

In other news, I adore being a bitch. A sexy, fun, dominant, bratty, and brilliant bitch! That’s me … who are you???

Melanie XOXO

Happy Autumn from your Phone Sex Goddess

Hello, sweet friends! After a wonderful and busy summer, I returned to taking calls fulltime, and you have been keeping me quite busy! Thank you for your wonderful and kinky phone sex calls, it’s so much fun logging in each day, anticipating what your wicked mood may be, and how I might add my evil ways 🙂

I’d like to send a shoutout to a caller who asked that I acknowledge him here. What a wonderful time I recently had on the phone with J (as he is in some places known). This was a unique call, in that J wanted me to sit back and relax while he spun a wonderful tale of intense female domination and male submission, complete with his very own sound effects! We spoke for … a very long time, perhaps the longest time I’ve ever devoted to one call. But I had no idea of time, as his rich imagination took us to places I had only imagined. His call was all about MY enjoyment of his wonderful story, and he accomplished his mission with resounding success.

I recorded a snippet of J’s sound effects and have been listening to it over and over, laughing my ass off. The most amazing part of our call was that he is so disciplined and focused, he did not touch himself once! Nope, not even once during our entire time together … we had way too much fun. That call will stay with me for a long, long time 🙂

So, I’m back and raring to go. I’ve missed you, so bring on your wildest fantasy and most secret fetish. Let’s ROCK.

Empress Melanie

Every Day is Independence Day!

Phone sex is a form of independence, isn’t it? You come see your femdom Mistress for a little (or a lot of) fun, and then, when satisfied, go on your way, secure in the knowledge that there are NO STRINGS and no expectations from you, except for you to be happy and have fond memories of our time together. What could be better than that?!

sexy melanieI hear from some of you occasionally that you’re sorry for not calling in a while, or for not emailing sooner, and sometimes you seem worried that I’ll be upset with you about it. But honey, I’m here for when YOU want me. Whether that’s every day, weekly, monthly, or once a year or two, that’s cool! Seriously. I am not one of those women who gets possessive or has expectations of you. No matter how often we’ve talked, how well we know each other, I want you to go off and explore other LDW Mistresses if the urge strikes, the women here are fabulous. If I was a man, I’d be making the rounds with them bigtime! And then, when you’re ready, I’d love to talk again. No matter how long it’s been since we spoke. So you never, ever have to worry about that with me.

It’s all about independence. I’m all about independence. I always have been and always will be. So this weekend, I will be loving life! While humiliating the hell out of you, of course. We live in a fantastic country. Sure, it has some issues, but nothing is perfect (perfect is boring). I feel fortunate to live here and to have such an exciting and fun life, filled with varied activities and fascinating conversations with you.

So Happy Independence Day baby, whether you live here in the U.S. or abroad. It’s a good life. Enjoy it.

Miss Melanie xoxo

Phone Sex Mistress Makes a Cum Menu

*Slurp!* Sound good? I thought so too, that’s why I like to make you eat your cum. Not always – you may be totally grossed out by it.

Ewwww Mistress, please don’t make me do it!

I’ve found it’s addictive (for YOU hehe), one taste and you want to lick it up all the time. I had such a good little cum eater today, yum yum. He says it’s salty, and a little sweet, depending on what he’s otherwise indulged in that day. Lots of protein, too. So the next time we talk naughty on the phone and I suggest it, don’t say no so easily … you know I prefer to hear yes. We can put it in muffins and other goodies. I’d never guide you wrong 🙂

In other news, I had the most kinky CFNM party ever this past weekend. We had a new fence put in the yard, it’s very tall and now no one can see in. So on Saturday afternoon some girlfriends came over and when dusk came we all got nude in the backyard. Just us girls, and a few of us ended up in a raised flower bed and oh my goodness! I never knew thorns could reach so deep inside … that’s all I’ll say about this, for now!

Empress Melanie xoxo

Blocked Callers

Helloooo there, my sweet strokers! OK so this is a quick post to tell you about blocking (slutstick samantha, your post is coming tomorrow or the next day don’t worry). I wrote about this last year, I think. Sometime in the past. And wanted to let you know again, mostly for new readers.

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You Love It?!

Boy, you sluts love my blog, don’t you. My new humiliation stroker from the other day called back last night and THANKED ME for being so nice to him here. Thanked me! OMG, I am soooo not nice nor do I want to be. My whole purpose is to be a bitch, and to . . . → Read More: You Love It?!

Maybe Not So Mean …

Ohhhh goodness. OK, so here’s what happened. Last night a little stroker slut called me, well I can’t even call him a little slut, OR a stroker, because he is a virgin! I won’t say his age but, um, don’t most of you males lose your virginity by age 20?

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Hump Day and your Little Bump

Hiya, my sweet little strokers! Part of being a mean mistress is *not* giving you what you want right away, holding out until I feel you are ready, or that you have earned it. Like not blogging about you when you beg me to (begging is a sure way to make sure I delay . . . → Read More: Hump Day and your Little Bump

The End of Summer … and Shorts!

Hello! Not just women and pink-loving sissies wear girlie shorts, you know. I was surprised about this, but quite a few of you told me this summer you’re walking around in see-thru shorts and cute panties.

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Truly Mean

Hiya sluts. I do love greeting you with all different names that aptly describe you, all written with adoration, of course.

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