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Happy Saturday Humiliation Phone Sex

Hello, my wonderful sluts. What’s shaking? I was taking calls this morning and then had a busy day shopping and now I am back for a while tonight for humiliation phone sex. Not sure how long so grab me as soon as you can!teaseprincess melanie humiliation phone sex

I have all sorts of fun blog posts in mind but have forgotten more than I remember! Hmmm I thought about a new type of call of the day post, perhaps call of the few days all about how I love to torment you and how you so enjoy it!

The depths to which you crawl never ceases to amaze me. Of course not all of you, but some of you are like little worms squirming around begging to be stomped on while I laugh like the mean mistress you know I am.

August is assignments month – every regular caller to me will receive three assignments to complete for the month. I’m coming up with some evil tasks for you stroking fiends … you won’t want to miss it!

The Naughty List

Hello, sweeties. I had a wonderful day of phone sex domination with you today, thank you very much! My final call tonight was with a very dear pansy boy who modeled and danced on cam for me while I laughed and laughed. I so wish my girlfriends had seen her …

The Naughty List

So, a few times in the past few days some of you sissies, cuckolds and cock strokers had trouble reaching me when I was logged in and available for calls. You requested me with the lovely dispatcher but you were on my naughty list so she could not put you through. I am not too sure how this happened, each time you had apparently last called me some years back and that’s when you were added to the list. I may have been going through an especially mean or picky time, or it may have been a glitch. Either way, our fantastic dispatchers have fixed this glitch and you should be able to reach me now when you see I’m available.

Phone Sex Domination

Now, this part is very important because I need your help – if you ever do not get through to me even though you see I am available, please email to let me know or comment anywhere here on my blog. Because it means you are still caught in the glitch and we can fix it, but we have to know about it to do so. So be sure to let me know, ok? I don’t want you thinking I am rejecting you, because believe me I am not. Honestly, I cannot wait to play with and humiliate you! Phone sex domination is my absolute favorite thing and I adore YOU.

Thank you, speak with you soon xoxoxo



Stroker News

TeasePrincess Melanie stroker newsHello, cream puffs! I am having such a blast playing with you. Have been mulling a special phone sex stroker news post about some of you, news updates sorta. I think I’m going to do it but it’s early morning right now while I write this post so maybe not today.

This and That

How is your summer going? This one is especially busy and active for me. I went hiking with the bears last weekend. Well, I went with some guy friends but while on a trail we saw big black bears nearby that followed us for a bit. I can run really fast and climb trees so I wasn’t worried, but one of my guy friends has a belly (and a tiny dick, he showed me once) so he was terrified. Those bears ignored him though, just as most women do 😛

Thinking of You and Stroker News

Eventually the bears got bored and wandered off. But it got me thinking about some of you, what sissy pansies you are. And how much I adore you for it. I do think about that quite often, though …

No Quiz, Just Phone Sex!

TeasePrincess MelanieHello my cuties! Just popping in to say hi and let you know what happened in a call last night. OMG there is nothing that annoys me more than this – being quizzed!

No Quiz Please, Just Phone Sex

I can take almost any fantasy you have and create a wonderful scene for you and take you to heights you have ever before experienced. As you know. But DO NOT call me and ask me to recite to you details of our past phone sex calls as “proof” that I remember you. Know what that gets you? Rejected!

I had a great call with this gentleman around the beginning of this month. We had a blast! He called me again last night and asked if I remembered him. Of course I did, it had only been a few days. Besides I have a steel trap memory as many of you know. This chronic masturbator apparently didn’t believe I remembered him, or he just wanted to be obnoxious, and started in with “well exactly WHAT do you remember about me and our call together …”

Caller Lost Out, Awwww

Uh, it was 8pm at night and final exams are over for the semester. Did he think I was his summer school student? I nicely told him no, sorry, I don’t play that way. Perhaps others will be happy to, but I do not. I am a kind, loving, talented dominant Mistress and when you call me it can be a very special time for you. It’s not a quiz for me. I had to send him back to the lovely dispatcher. He lost out last night bigtime.

Don’t let this happen to you! I know you won’t, none of my other callers do this sort of thing. I just had to tell you about it before I log off and get some beauty sleep.

Another post is coming soon. Thank you for reading. Kisses!

Keep it Secret – Relationship Advice

Melanie Relationship AdviceStroker! Uh, listen please … or read some relationship advice. You do NOT have to share your crazy sex fantasies with your significant other if it will break up the relationship! Keep it secret.

Since when did you men become so honest, hmmm? Bad idea.

Relationship Advice

Now remember who you’re taking relationship advice from. My goal is to run you down the rabbit hole of twisted sexcapades. To wrest control from your busy hands and determine your spent fate according to my whims. As you read this, keep that in mind.

Act Normal

Your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or whomever does NOT want to know how kinky you are. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to where your mind goes. So talk to me about it all, not to her (or him). And certainly don’t ask your SO to dress you in panties, spank you, let you suck a cock, or any of that. Sheesh.

That’s what I’m here for.

Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!

Hi strokers, what are you up to this July fourth weekend? I’ve been out having a blast and also back home taking your naughty phone sex calls … it’s a wonderful life!

Phone Sex Calls of the Week

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Night Strokers

Hello, sweet cheeks! Have I written lately about night strokers? I guess I could also call them weekend strokers, more relaxed and such, but there is something about calling phone sex at night, wanting to be dominated at night, that holds a special place in my heart.

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Summer Fun Fetish Phone Sex

Hey lovies! Just wanted to write a quick post to say hello and see how you’re doing. How is your summer so far? Mine is ROCKING. Between all your awesome fetish phone sex calls and my usual summer fun I’m so spent, LOL. Sleeping like a rock every night. And my tan is amazing! Yes, . . . → Read More: Summer Fun Fetish Phone Sex

My New Blog

Hello, sweet stuff! Do you like my new phone sex blog? I love this design and it allows me to post much more variety for you – polls, audios, and more. So much fun! Thank you to the lovely Miss Hunter for setting this up for me 🙂

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The Future of Panties

Hello! Have you all heard about the forthcoming ban on panties? I couldn’t believe it … soon enough, all women’s panties will be outlawed from stores and available only online. Only blah and boring men’s underwear will be sold in stores. Yanno, the kind chronic strokers wear.

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