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Hello, my nookies. I bet you were wondering what nookies are, right? Well, nookies are you! My sweet cock strokers.

I’m a little silly this Sunday night, toasted from a weekend of sun and shopping. I just logged off from taking calls because sissy hub came home with some sissy friends so I have no privacy. But I’m still able to write you all a blog post, haha!

I love when she brings friends home because then all of them do chores in the house that I was too busy to get to. So sissy hub is doing laundry, one of her girlfriends is loading the dishwasher and another is dusting the wood.

Not THAT kind of dusting the wood, you perv. No touching yourself! I’m a wicked mistress, remember.

So anyway, when they’re done with chores, I’ll take them into sissy’s room and make them model her new clothes from the mall. That is their reward. They are all around the same build. Except for their clitties, my sissy has the smallest one. Can you guess how tiny?


Happy Weekend

Hello, sweet callers (and those of you who have not worked up the courage yet). Just checking in to remind you to behave yourselves today while I’m away. I’m heading to a nearby nudie beach with my sissy and some sexy girlfriends. We have to take sissy, we need someone to roll the beach cart for us and watch our things while we play in the sand and water.

Did I mention how I ripped my bikini last weekend? I think I mentioned it on twitter or tumblr or something. Yes it ripped so I picked up a new one this week. I have a few but this summer am really into string bikinis and they tear so easily. I wasn’t even doing sexy domination stuff.

I was romping in the ocean and accidentally crashed into an old man who then went under the water, aak! He grabbed my string bikini bottom to pull himself back up and off it came! Needless to say, he emerged (in several ways) with a huuuuge grin on his face. Even though he didn’t have a huge something else. I told him he could call me anytime to finish things off.

Have a great day!


This Weekend

Hi sweeties! I may not be around much this weekend for phone fun but I do expect to be here a little bit. It’s a beach weekend, me and my girlfriends rented a house at the beach for a few nights so that’s where I am. You know, in case you hear them in the background *giggle*

We had one of our parties earlier tonight and yes we rented some male strippers. We didn’t even have to pay them, they requested a pair of sexy thong panties from each of us in exchange for dancing around and shaking their hips to our amusement.

My best friend Susan, she’s not a dominant girl, is sitting here next to me, watching me write this blog. We’re on the patio by the pool. Why does a beach house have a pool? I’m glad it does though, very private and lit up at night. Skinny dipping soon! Don’t you wish you could be here … heheheeeee


Mistress Adores You

Hello, my lovies. You know that even when I mistreat you (at your request, of course) that I still adore you, right? I hope you know that, and also that I only have your best interests at heart. No matter how vicious and mean I can be 🙂

That’s why I always emphasize that you are safe within and outside of our naughty phone fantasies. Most times you appreciate that, which makes me adore you even more.

If we have not had a call yet, take a look through my blog and also my audios page. There you can hear my voice, hear some stories and get to know me better. To decide if a call with me is a good fit for you. I’m not a phone sex mistress for everyone … you should be a bit twisted (in a great way) to enjoy our calls. Also, prepare to be immediately hooked … *smile*

More soon.

Kisses xoxo



Tanning Naked

Thank you for your great comments here on my blog. I love reading and approving your comments and then discussing posts with you during your naughty phone sex calls!

So how is your week going? I’m still all sunburned from the weekend. My skin is so fair that I burn easily when I’m not tanning, and this winterI was way too busy to work on my tan.

Many of you have asked where I was – well, you know I have about a gazillion interests. Naughty calls with you are at the top of my list, of course. Dominating you, humiliating you, nurturing your submissive side is all what I love to do. But I’m also a pretty good businesswoman and have some business interests outside of the phone. Most recently I helped a friend start up her clothing business, and it took a little longer than I thought it would. Mainly because she loved having me around so much that she waited to hire her staff.

But, she got it done, and here I am back with you cock strokers for the rest of this summer and beyond … wayyyyy into the great beyond.

Spank ya soon! xoxo

Your Favorite Fantasy

Hello, stroker! What’s your favorite fantasy, hmmm?

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Hello, naughty! How are you? Have we spoken lately?

As usual, your mean mistress is having a terrific summer. Since I was away all winter and spring, I’m not planning any trips yet this summer. But, of course, I’ll keep you posted.

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We’ve got 2 more anniversary celebrations for you before our Anniversary month is over! 

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Last Phone Sex Blog for a While

Whew! Talk about a masturbation marathon! I mean, a writing marathon. With my blog and Ms Ally’s free call offer to you, it’s been quite a few weeks. And you kept me so busy all day yesterday, wow!

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Titillating Tuesday

Well it’s almost hump day, and I’ve blogged almost every day for the past few weeks. What an accomplishment! Especially for me, spoiled and usually just waiting to humiliate my next phone sex victim 😇

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