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Mistress is So Mean

Oh goodness, sweet sluts. Your Dominant Mistress has been soooo mean lately! Dashing hopes and dreams with a flick of my beautiful pinky finger.

And I love every phone sex minute of it!

But seriously, sometimes I wonder if I go too far. You call me al excited about something and talk and talk about it. I soak up every word. And then … and then … you ask my opinion of what you have revealed and …

Boom. World crushed. Just like that.

If you don’t want to know what I *really* think, perhaps tell me so. Or do not ask.

You see, you will never, ever, ever be a REAL woman. Your penis will never grow to an acceptable size, and your wife will never stop fucking men. No matter how much gay porn you watch or how many cocks you suck, these dreams of yours will never occur.

But that’s ok, right? Because I’m here for you to cry to, and to make you cry …


Crazy Phone Sex Calls

You know, the crazier your calls get the more I like it, because then I have lots of things to blog here about.

We have something called search engine optimization that we are encouraged to work on in each post. It’s a way to make sure our posts show up in Google and other places so you can find them, and us, and make your life infinitely better. After all, a good, dominant phone sex Mistress can make or break you, according to her whim. And isn’t that what life is all about!

The point of this so far is to let you know that 1. I want your nutty cock stroker calls to continue and 2. I plan to be a little nutty myself in some posts to make sure they show up in searches. That means wacky headlines and weird phrases, above and beyond what your horny behavior inspires.

Crazy Phone Sex Calls Dominant Mistress

Yep, like that ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

Okay then. In other news, you should know that if you *ask* me to blog about you I probably never will. I’m an extreme bitch, it comes naturally and I cannot turn it off (nor do I want to). So I’ll ignore your request just to prove that point. FYI *wink*

Tears, Continued

Hello, my sluts. I just wanted to continue yesterday’s post about reducing cock strokers to tears. Because there were more torn up callers before the one in that post, and there have been more since. Honestly I don’t know what’s causing them to cry …

So, the latest before today was a new-to-me phone sex caller yesterday. He called me via click to call, which is always risky for a new caller because they are so unsuspecting and without the lovely dispatcher’s warning. Once we were connected he started demanding I do this and that (hah!).

“I want you to xx” and “I want you to oo.”

I don’t recall exactly what I said in response, but whatever it was caused him to be silent for about a full minute. When he found his balance he tried his commands again, this time a bit more politely. Again, I don’t recall my reply, but suddenly this gruff sounding horny fellow broke down into the most amazing phone sex hysterics I’ve ever heard. It was magical, and so unexpected!

I almost pitied him. Almost. Because I was laughing too hard to pity anyone but my neighbors. And then, suddenly, the dude in tears screamed because he had the most huge orgasm he ever had in his life! Or so he gasped after …

Go figure.

Reduced to Tears

Hello, sweeties! In this post I would love your feedback, please – why, so often lately, are my phone sex callers reduced to tears?

I cannot be THAT mean, can I? After all, look at me … a sweet, beautiful, innocent young blonde just waiting to fulfill your every sordid wish. Right? LMAO!

I would think only callers new to me would be caught by surprise. But recently some of my longtime callers are taken aback by my wickedness as well. For example, a few days ago a pass the penis slut chose me as a Mistress in his series of calls. He had spoken with a few ladies before me and had plans to speak with a few more after, so his call to me was somewhere in the middle.

Within a couple of minutes of our humiliation call, he was bawling.

Not only that, but after he spoke with his remaining ladies he called me back for an exclusive long call to top things off and, as he said, to really put him in his place. Crying the whole time!


Schedule Update

Hi lovies! Here’s a quick schedule update for the next week or so, so you know when to call your favorite mean mistress!

Today – here most of the day, on and off, so grab me when you see me!

Tomorrow – here in the afternoon, most likely

Thursdayphone sex in the morning only (awwww)

Friday – here to tease and torment you on and off all day!

Saturday – not around, not at all. Awwwww!

Sunday – maybe here at night, if I’m home early enough

Monday and Tuesday – around much of the day, on and off so grab me.

Now, please keep in mind this schedule is NOT a guarantee, it’s just a general guideline for your planning. You know, me being extra nice and considerate (you’re welcome). I reserve the right to be here at times completely opposite to this *giggle* just to tease and deny you. Oh wouldn’t that be fun!

I’ll update my schedule again next week if I can, maybe just to lure you into my den …

Phone Sex Humiliation Schedule Update

Hello, phone sex sluts! Just a schedule update for the next week or so.

Phone Sex This Weekend

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When do you log in for phone sex, Mistress?

Hello, my sweet phone sex sluts. Happy September! My favorite season is almost over and autumn is around the corner.

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Phone Sex Funnies

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Humiliation Phone Sex Mean Mistress

If you have called me you already know that humiliation phone sex mean mistress is my favorite kind. It comes so naturally to me that those of you who have said “please be gentle” or “don’t humiliate me” often end up getting mistreated even more!

Humiliation Phone Sex Mean Mistress

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Phone Sex Schedule Update

Hello, naughty cock strokers! Here’s a quick schedule update so you know when I’ll be here to tease and torment you.

I’m mostly here today all day, perhaps with some time away for the gym and shopping. Tomorrow I may be around early morning or later at night, but that’s not promised! Sunday I . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Schedule Update