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About Me

Hello, wonderful callers!

There are many fabulous women here at Enchantrix Empire. Many you can speak with about whatever you like, whenever you like. We all have specialties and things we will discuss or we are not comfortable discussing. And for you to have your best call, it’s important for you to have the best phone Mistress for YOU.

Our live help is wonderful at guiding you to the right lady, as are our dispatchers. To help them out, I thought I would make an “about me” page. I do not accept calls with “new to me” callers unless you and I have emailed and I know we are compatible, or unless LIVE HELP determines this and sends you my way. They will tell me what you would like to discuss in our first call together, so be truthful with them or your call (and money) will be wasted.

I am a dominant woman. That can mean many things, depending on who you ask. To me it means this:

  • Once you share your thoughts and fantasies with me, I love to have you relax and let me guide you through our call.
  • I love to know as much about you as you are comfortable sharing. If you need to save minutes in our call, I welcome you to email me whatever you want me to know (melanie AT enchantrixempire DOT com). Once I’ve read your email, I will reply with something like “thank you, ready!”
  • I do not switch to submissive, ever. That includes those “phone sex moans” … ya, not me at all.
  • I don’t read your scripts. Calls with me are spontaneous and real. If you have a script you would like a woman to read to you, I am not your girl.
  • If you are “owned” by another Mistress, I may or may not recognize this. Email me first to see.
  • I do not provide oral sex. YOU do.
  • I can probably watch you on Skype. But don’t assume so – please check with me before you call.
  • Be respectful and appreciative of our call and of me. I LOVE to be spoiled. Find out how right here.

Pretty simple, right? xoxo

Thank you,
Miss Melanie