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Happy Saturday Humiliation Phone Sex

Hello, my wonderful sluts. What’s shaking? I was taking calls this morning and then had a busy day shopping and now I am back for a while tonight for humiliation phone sex. Not sure how long so grab me as soon as you can!

I have all sorts of fun blog posts in mind . . . → Read More: Happy Saturday Humiliation Phone Sex

Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!

Hi strokers, what are you up to this July fourth weekend? I’ve been out having a blast and also back home taking your naughty phone sex calls … it’s a wonderful life!

Phone Sex Calls of the Week

You all have been on a roll this week with your calls. I’ve never heard . . . → Read More: Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!

“I liked what you said…”

“I liked what you said…” is probably the most frequent blog feedback I receive from callers. Who knew you naughties actually read our blogs? I thought all you guys did was masturbate and look at porn … oh, and wash my dishes and shampoo rugs (oops, this last part is just here in . . . → Read More: “I liked what you said…”