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Happy Weekend

Hello, sweet callers (and those of you who have not worked up the courage yet). Just checking in to remind you to behave yourselves today while I’m away. I’m heading to a nearby nudie beach with my sissy and some sexy girlfriends. We have to take sissy, we need someone to roll the beach . . . → Read More: Happy Weekend

Last Phone Sex Blog for a While

Whew! Talk about a masturbation marathon! I mean, a writing marathon. With my blog and Ms Ally’s free call offer to you, it’s been quite a few weeks. And you kept me so busy all day yesterday, wow!

So, you know my favorite fetish now (little clitty) … what’s yours? Many of you . . . → Read More: Last Phone Sex Blog for a While

Thanks a Lot

You naughties wore me out today! I did not know that could happen, but it did … you created almost back to back phone sex calls, some of you new to me and others my longtime cock strokers. I loved every minute of it!

Oh, and very few of you were actually permitted to . . . → Read More: Thanks a Lot

Happy November 1, Horny Day

Well, hello there, naughty. I’m hereby designating November first as HORNY DAY. I’ve had some nutty calls so far today! You all are feeling the change in seasons, or maybe you had a super fun phone sex Halloween …

So, tomorrow is my day to give you all a free 5 minute humiliation call. . . . → Read More: Happy November 1, Horny Day

The Rules

Hello, sweeties! This blog post is an addendum to yesterday’s post about my free call offer during certain times on Nov. 2 and Nov. 7 (see that post here). Ms Ally is generously offering clients a free five-minute phone sex call each day from Nov. 1 to Nov. 7, with us ladies signed up . . . → Read More: The Rules

Tears, Continued

Hello, my sluts. I just wanted to continue yesterday’s post about reducing cock strokers to tears. Because there were more torn up callers before the one in that post, and there have been more since. Honestly I don’t know what’s causing them to cry …

So, the latest before today was a new-to-me phone . . . → Read More: Tears, Continued