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Little Clitty

Hmmm a longtime caller of mine asked yesterday what my favorite kind of humiliation phone sex call is. I’d not thought about that for a long time, because so many of you keep me so entertained, why have to pick just one?

But, this caller is so dear to me that I honored his . . . → Read More: Little Clitty

Hello Dahlings

Happy Saturday! yes, this is the dominant phone sex mistress day-of-the-week blog. LMAO!

So how was last night? Did you go out? Perhaps to a glory hole? You know I do not advise that – and if you insist on going, make sure you’re safe! And make sure you wear panties *chuckle* I’m speaking . . . → Read More: Hello Dahlings

Secret Naughty Cock Stroker

Yes, that’s you! Unless you tell everyone you know in your life that you call me, of course. If you don’t, then you’re a secret naughty cock stroker.

How was your HUMP DAY? Did you hump yourself? Did you jerk off??? I had such a funny call today – a new-to-me caller wanted me . . . → Read More: Secret Naughty Cock Stroker

Today, and My Schedule

Hello, lovies. Today is the last day you can grab a free 5-minute phone sex call with me. I’m offering them from 3pm-6pm eastern time, and then that’s it, so I do hope you try to reach me. And I DO hope you schedule more than five minutes, because last week’s rules still apply.¬†You . . . → Read More: Today, and My Schedule

Sunday Late Night Fun

Hello, sweeties! Oh gosh I’m glad you’re grabbing me now … I meant to be here for you today but was invited last minute to a fabulous party and time just slipped away. And then Justin and I went shopping for some Christmas decorations and, well …

At least I’m here now for your . . . → Read More: Sunday Late Night Fun

The Rules

Hello, sweeties! This blog post is an addendum to yesterday’s post about my free call offer during certain times on Nov. 2 and Nov. 7 (see that post here). Ms Ally is generously offering clients a free five-minute phone sex call each day from Nov. 1 to Nov. 7, with us ladies signed up . . . → Read More: The Rules

Titty Thursday!

HAHAHA. Now that got your attention, didn’t it, ya slut!

Boobies. You all love them, even you sissy faggot sluts. Because you WISH you had ones like mine.

What would you do if you had titties? If you looked down right now and saw cleavage and boobs … would you feel yourself up?

So . . . → Read More: Titty Thursday!

Crazy Calls

Hello! I love your crazy calls. I often wonder why you pick ME for your phone sex nuttiness, but I looove it.

A caller we will call T took a break from his naughty kinks yesterday to have a regular conversation. Thirty minutes into that part of the conversation he abruptly stopped, terrified! I . . . → Read More: Crazy Calls

Giftie: Slave Requirements

Some of you keep asking how you can serve me – goodness, is it the time of year? I just happen to be interviewing for new slaves, too. So here are some requirements, and preferences, to get you started on the right path.

Relationship Status

It doesn’t matter to me if you are married, . . . → Read More: Giftie: Slave Requirements