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Crazy Fetish Calls

Hello strokers, what gives! Your phone sex calls lately have been insaaaaane … crazier than all the years I’ve been here at Enchantrix Empire.

What is going on? I must admit I love it. On top of your extreme imaginations you have been keeping this humiliatrix busier than ever!

What is the craziest call you ever made to one of us? I’ve been on some two-Mistress calls (my favorite kind of call when I can pick the second lady) and you are so very tame. But with me alone? The freak flag flies wicked hard!

Speaking of hard, I’m happy to hear of some recent successes with your cocks. Staying harder, lasting longer. While those hardcore fantasies keep getting freakier.

And your women? Wives, girlfriends … starting to notice how fucked in the head men can be. I think your fantasies are seeping out your ears onto the dinner table, or something.

Alrighty, that’s all vague enough yet specific enough to terrify a few of you. Have a good day!

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