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I forgot

Hi again, it’s me, TeasePrincess. I had written down to make a post today about a sissy by the name of D, but cannot recall a single thing about this silly sissy! Which means she has called me one time, and must have begged for a blog post during her call.

Oh well. D, during your next call you’ll need to beg even harder. Maybe then you will have some success.

And I must mention a new little bitch, not a sissy at all, but a cucky slave who has started text sessions with me recently. He is so compliant, I love it! I wish more of you were as obedient as my new best slave. You may soon see his comments here on my blog. I really enjoy our sessions and hearing what he’s been up to, with his assignments and adventures.

But on the other end of the spectrum is a longtime sissy of mine who has been SO disobedient lately! She keeps making promises and not keeping them, not fulfilling assignments, cutting off our calls … be careful sissy, I have NO qualms about denying your calls until you learn your lesson. Goodness knows I loooove to deny …

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