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Little Clitty

Hmmm a longtime caller of mine asked yesterday what my favorite kind of humiliation phone sex call is. I’d not thought about that for a long time, because so many of you keep me so entertained, why have to pick just one?sexy melanie

But, this caller is so dear to me that I honored his request. After some thought I decided – little clitty!

Now, some of you think any penis over three inches will suffice. That’s three inches hard. When I hear that, and can finally stop laughing, I tactfully explain that, no, anything smaller than seven inches is not even a penis. It’s a clit, a little clitty, a teeny girly sissy thingie, like a mole that anyone would prefer to disregard.

I love a little clitty – it’s just so fun to make fun of.

So humor me, please. All you little clittys call me today, Sunday, and tell me all about how small you are and the hardships you’ve suffered because of it.

I can’t wait!

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