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Makes Me Laugh

Hello, my sweet naughties. Happy Saturday! What are your plans for the weekend? I hope to be around a lot, except for the gym and some shopping. It’s not a date night or a party night, so you may have an opportunity to reach me for some mean mistress talk, and more.

I am loving this free-call promotion. Even though I’ve signed up for just two blocks – one last week and one coming up this week – for some reason it’s luring many of you back to me I have not spoken with in a while. I’ve missed your phone sex calls and kinks and am very happy to hear from you again. Stick around!

So, I got an email today from a new-to-me (but not to the service) caller who wanted me to follow his “regular” mistress’s protocols. He made a point of telling me he was only checking with me because she was not currently available.

You all just know how much I love those kinds of emails, right? LMAO not even a little bit. Did I reply to him? What do you think? Do you think that kind of email deserves a reply from your dominant goddess? Feel free to comment below …

Play with you soon! xoxo

2 comments to Makes Me Laugh

  • Sammi

    NO! They obviously have not experienced your style although they way you can get into your slaves heads I’m sure you could have had your way. That’s the beauty of LDW you all have different methods of getting what you want from your subs. Your voice still resonates through my head, it’s an addiction and I love it! I’m helpless but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks Goddess

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