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Mistress is So Mean

Oh goodness, sweet sluts. Your Dominant Mistress has been soooo mean lately! Dashing hopes and dreams with a flick of my beautiful pinky finger.

And I love every phone sex minute of it!

But seriously, sometimes I wonder if I go too far. You call me al excited about something and talk and talk about it. I soak up every word. And then … and then … you ask my opinion of what you have revealed and …

Boom. World crushed. Just like that.

If you don’t want to know what I *really* think, perhaps tell me so. Or do not ask.

You see, you will never, ever, ever be a REAL woman. Your penis will never grow to an acceptable size, and your wife will never stop fucking men. No matter how much gay porn you watch or how many cocks you suck, these dreams of yours will never occur.

But that’s ok, right? Because I’m here for you to cry to, and to make you cry …


2 comments to Mistress is So Mean

  • cuckold_scottie

    m-Mistress Melanie, th-thank You for looking at my comment, Mistress. It is not my place to say whether or not Your mean to me, Mistress. How You treat me is Your prerogative, Mistress, i have no say in it. Thank You again for deigning to read my loser boy post, Mistress Melanie.

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    Remember our call last week? You degraded me because I’m a pretty boi. But if my wife learns I borrow her lipsticks to wear every day she’ll probably be upset with me. She already criticizes me for shaving my legs.

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