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Reduced to Tears

Hello, sweeties! In this post I would love your feedback, please – why, so often lately, are my phone sex callers reduced to tears?

I cannot be THAT mean, can I? After all, look at me … a sweet, beautiful, innocent young blonde just waiting to fulfill your every sordid wish. Right? LMAO!

I would think only callers new to me would be caught by surprise. But recently some of my longtime callers are taken aback by my wickedness as well. For example, a few days ago a pass the penis slut chose me as a Mistress in his series of calls. He had spoken with a few ladies before me and had plans to speak with a few more after, so his call to me was somewhere in the middle.

Within a couple of minutes of our humiliation call, he was bawling.

Not only that, but after he spoke with his remaining ladies he called me back for an exclusive long call to top things off and, as he said, to really put him in his place. Crying the whole time!


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