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Saturday Night Cuckold Party

cuckold partyWhat is a Saturday night cuckold party? Cuckolds get parties, is that what this headline means?

LOL, as if.

Home Alone, Again

Many of you cucks are alone on Saturday night. Awwwwww, sitting at home reading my hot domination phone sex blog while your woman is out who knows where with who knows who, having sex of course. Or maybe you know her lover, maybe your mouth has met him …

Cuckold Party Underway

So a Saturday night cuckold party is you, sitting at your computer looking at porn while you jerk your little dick. That’s what it is, and that’s all it is. Oh, to make it a FUN party, you are on the phone with me. But since I may not be having my own party tonight, good luck with that.

So that’s your party, cucky. Alone with your little bit in your hand, thinking of the fun everyone else is having. And then early to bed, get up early, clean the house for your lady and have everything done by the time she gets home from her night of fucking.

Good cucky.

1 comment to Saturday Night Cuckold Party

  • cuckold scottie

    *blush* Mistress Melanie, you’ve described my typical Saturday night *blush — sometimes week-end, sometimes week! *blush* You know that my Wife likes to spend as much time as possible with Her Man, Mistress, and *blush* y-You know w-hy…

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