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Tears, Continued

Hello, my sluts. I just wanted to continue yesterday’s post about reducing cock strokers to tears. Because there were more torn up callers before the one in that post, and there have been more since. Honestly I don’t know what’s causing them to cry …

So, the latest before today was a new-to-me phone sex caller yesterday. He called me via click to call, which is always risky for a new caller because they are so unsuspecting and without the lovely dispatcher’s warning. Once we were connected he started demanding I do this and that (hah!).

“I want you to xx” and “I want you to oo.”

I don’t recall exactly what I said in response, but whatever it was caused him to be silent for about a full minute. When he found his balance he tried his commands again, this time a bit more politely. Again, I don’t recall my reply, but suddenly this gruff sounding horny fellow broke down into the most amazing phone sex hysterics I’ve ever heard. It was magical, and so unexpected!

I almost pitied him. Almost. Because I was laughing too hard to pity anyone but my neighbors. And then, suddenly, the dude in tears screamed because he had the most huge orgasm he ever had in his life! Or so he gasped after …

Go figure.

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