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Bad Decisions

Hello, sluts. So many of you call me (GOOD decision by the way) to discuss wrong turns in your life, when that boundary was crossed that you could never recover – when you let that awesome woman move on; when you looked the other way as your wife had a date with her . . . → Read More: Bad Decisions

So Mean

This post is for my humiliation sluts, especially those of you who loooove how mean I can be. I just have to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for your gasps of pain when my verbal slings and arrows pierce your soul. Thank you for acknowledging I am the meanest, bitchiest, most cold Goddess you . . . → Read More: So Mean

I forgot

Hi again, it’s me, TeasePrincess. I had written down to make a post today about a sissy by the name of D, but cannot recall a single thing about this silly sissy! Which means she has called me one time, and must have begged for a blog post during her call.

Oh well. . . . → Read More: I forgot

Secret Fetish

You would think any fetish would be secret by nature, right? I mean, who wants to wear their fetish on their sleeve at work, around friends, in life … but you would be surprised, naughties, at how many of you do just that. Telling so many people you meet about your secret desires . . . → Read More: Secret Fetish

When a Cuckold?

Hello, sweetie pie. I have a question – did you always know you were meant to be a cuckold?

Most of you cuckies I speak with say yes to this. That you knew even before you were married, or involved, or cuckolded for the first time that it would happen, your lifetime of humiliation. . . . → Read More: When a Cuckold?

“Owned” by a Mistress

Hello, sluts! Yes, you know I mean you. I just wanted to address something that occasionally comes up. I get emails and calls from some of you who tell me you are “owned” by a mistress, either here at Enchantrix Empire or, more frequently, elsewhere, and she has “allowed” you to “call another mistress,” but only under . . . → Read More: “Owned” by a Mistress

Dolly, continued

Well, here’s a post about sissies again. Last one for a while because I don’t want any of my callers to feel left out! And actually, as I mentioned in her first post, Dolly isn’t really a sissy. But there have been some developments since I last wrote about her.

Originally posted by . . . → Read More: Dolly, continued