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Stroker Sluts

Hello, my sweet sluts! I have a few more calls of the day to blog about, but this post is about stroking. Specifically, stroking your little thingie like only you can.

Now, most of you know there’s no stroking without my permission, right? So I want to start a game. And the game is, . . . → Read More: Stroker Sluts

My Favorite Caller

Well well well, another NICE post about one of my cherished phone sex callers. I do cherish each of you, regardless of what I say here or the theme of our calls. I adore you, you’re the reason I stay home to log in!

So this post is about my absolutely favorite caller . . . → Read More: My Favorite Caller

Loony Tunes

Originally posted by 2mainstreamhipster

Ohhh boy, today’s phone sex caller of the day is a REAL card. First of all, I should tell you that this gem of a guy is infamous among us phone girls. His name is, eh, as tempted as I am to say his real name, I’ll call . . . → Read More: Loony Tunes

We Interrupt Call of the Day …

for you sissies, to show you information about the next Sissy Pageant!

To quote:

How to enter

This is the fun part! We want you sissy girls to get all dolled up in your signature sissy style and post your picture in our Enchantrix Empire Sissy Pageant group Here we have 3 categories for . . . → Read More: We Interrupt Call of the Day …

First Time Caller

Hello, my sweet knob knockers! Do you like that? I love it – knob knockers. It means you call me while you knock your knob. Get it? (ya I know you do, just rubbing it in.)

So, I love when a new-to-me caller introduces himself to me and says he wants to “try” a phone . . . → Read More: First Time Caller

Today’s Victim

Well, today’s all of the day victim is actually very dear to me. So she isn’t going to be a victim at all. Let’s call her Darla here.

Darla has been calling me for some time now and we have quite the fantasy world going. In fact, I do believe our fantasies together sometimes . . . → Read More: Today’s Victim

Message of the Day

Hiya, skankies. As promised, here’s my first “of the day” post to tell you about a funny private message I received on my twitter.

For background, a week or so ago I wrote a blog post titled Oh Boy! in which I mentioned I’m the dick killer. And yes, as MANY of you know, . . . → Read More: Message of the Day

Call of the Day

Hello, my sweet stroker sluts! And my naughty ones, too. I had a terrific idea this morning and wanted to share it with you.

Phone sex call of the day!

Now, I’m going to try this – blogging *almost* every day about my most fun call the day before. I am not going to . . . → Read More: Call of the Day

Makes Me Laugh

Am I bad? I’ve mentioned new-2-me callers here recently, and something else these phone sex strokers say cracks me up so I had to tell you about it:

“Hi Melanie, I read your blog post on [insert topic here] so I thought I’d give you a call.”

HA! That always kind of freaks . . . → Read More: Makes Me Laugh

Valentine’s Day

Hello, strokers. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Originally posted by ludozerkaa

What is your woman up to today? Where’s her boyfriend taking her? I hope you’re paying for their hot night out. And last weekend did you buy her sexy lingerie? If not, HOP TO IT. I love a good cuckolded man who knows his . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day