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Thank You! And Caller of the Day

Hello, sluts! THANK YOU for your advice about my EX little bitch caller – I’m not taking him back. Never ever. Someone who fakes his own death and then tries to make me break Enchantrix Empire rules is not anyone I ever want to speak to ever again.

The lesson here is to stay . . . → Read More: Thank You! And Caller of the Day

Stroker Sluts

Hello, my sweet sluts! I have a few more calls of the day to blog about, but this post is about stroking. Specifically, stroking your little thingie like only you can.

Now, most of you know there’s no stroking without my permission, right? So I want to start a game. And the game is, . . . → Read More: Stroker Sluts

Tiny Tim

Well! All those naughty stroker blog posts took a lot of time for me to write. So I decided to cut back on them a bit and only highlight the extreme calls and callers, good and bad and in between.

Who remembers Tiny Tim? I barely did, even though we have spoken on and . . . → Read More: Tiny Tim