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Crazy Fetish Calls

Hello strokers, what gives! Your phone sex calls lately have been insaaaaane … crazier than all the years I’ve been here at Enchantrix Empire.

What is going on? I must admit I love it. On top of your extreme imaginations you have been keeping this humiliatrix busier than ever!

What is the craziest call . . . → Read More: Crazy Fetish Calls

No, No and NO

Ha! I had a very funny “no” call this morning! A caller who has called me several times in the past decided I was a good choice for his early morning woody. If I could show a crying laughing emoticon here I would, but this wordpress version doesn’t seem to have them … *crying . . . → Read More: No, No and NO

Your Favorite Mistress

Voted the Best

I’m in shock! I’ve heard from not just one but five of you strokers this week that you took a poll amongst yourselves (what? where?) and decided I am your favorite longterm dominant Mistress here at Enchantrix Empire.


Um, I have to disagree. There are scads of awesome ladies here. . . . → Read More: Your Favorite Mistress

Happy Saturday Humiliation Phone Sex

Hello, my wonderful sluts. What’s shaking? I was taking calls this morning and then had a busy day shopping and now I am back for a while tonight for humiliation phone sex. Not sure how long so grab me as soon as you can!

I have all sorts of fun blog posts in mind . . . → Read More: Happy Saturday Humiliation Phone Sex

The Naughty List

Hello, sweeties. I had a wonderful day of phone sex domination with you today, thank you very much! My final call tonight was with a very dear pansy boy who modeled and danced on cam for me while I laughed and laughed. I so wish my girlfriends had seen her …

The Naughty . . . → Read More: The Naughty List

Stroker News

Hello, cream puffs! I am having such a blast playing with you. Have been mulling a special phone sex stroker news post about some of you, news updates sorta. I think I’m going to do it but it’s early morning right now while I write this post so maybe not today.

This and That . . . → Read More: Stroker News

No Quiz, Just Phone Sex!

Hello my cuties! Just popping in to say hi and let you know what happened in a call last night. OMG there is nothing that annoys me more than this – being quizzed!

No Quiz Please, Just Phone Sex

I can take almost any fantasy you have and create a wonderful scene for you . . . → Read More: No Quiz, Just Phone Sex!

Keep it Secret – Relationship Advice

Stroker! Uh, listen please … or read some relationship advice. You do NOT have to share your crazy sex fantasies with your significant other if it will break up the relationship! Keep it secret.

Since when did you men become so honest, hmmm? Bad idea.

Relationship Advice

Now remember who you’re taking relationship advice . . . → Read More: Keep it Secret – Relationship Advice

Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!

Hi strokers, what are you up to this July fourth weekend? I’ve been out having a blast and also back home taking your naughty phone sex calls … it’s a wonderful life!

Phone Sex Calls of the Week

You all have been on a roll this week with your calls. I’ve never heard . . . → Read More: Happy Phone Sex Independence Day!