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Mistress is So Mean

Oh goodness, sweet sluts. Your Dominant Mistress has been soooo mean lately! Dashing hopes and dreams with a flick of my beautiful pinky finger.

And I love every phone sex minute of it!

But seriously, sometimes I wonder if I go too far. You call me al excited about something and talk and talk . . . → Read More: Mistress is So Mean

Crazy Phone Sex Calls

You know, the crazier your calls get the more I like it, because then I have lots of things to blog here about.

We have something called search engine optimization that we are encouraged to work on in each post. It’s a way to make sure our posts show up in Google and other . . . → Read More: Crazy Phone Sex Calls

Tears, Continued

Hello, my sluts. I just wanted to continue yesterday’s post about reducing cock strokers to tears. Because there were more torn up callers before the one in that post, and there have been more since. Honestly I don’t know what’s causing them to cry …

So, the latest before today was a new-to-me phone . . . → Read More: Tears, Continued

Reduced to Tears

Hello, sweeties! In this post I would love your feedback, please – why, so often lately, are my phone sex callers reduced to tears?

I cannot be THAT mean, can I? After all, look at me … a sweet, beautiful, innocent young blonde just waiting to fulfill your every sordid wish. Right? LMAO!

I . . . → Read More: Reduced to Tears

Schedule Update

Hi lovies! Here’s a quick schedule update for the next week or so, so you know when to call your favorite mean mistress!

Today – here most of the day, on and off, so grab me when you see me!

Tomorrow – here in the afternoon, most likely

Thursday – phone sex in the . . . → Read More: Schedule Update

Phone Sex Humiliation Schedule Update

Hello, phone sex sluts! Just a schedule update for the next week or so.

Phone Sex This Weekend

I’m not around much, if at all, this weekend. I *may* be here Sunday evening depending on when we get home – no promises. My sissy Justin and I are taking a trip out of . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Humiliation Schedule Update

When do you log in for phone sex, Mistress?

Hello, my sweet phone sex sluts. Happy September! My favorite season is almost over and autumn is around the corner.

Some of you have lately been asking me when I log in to humiliate you, and how I do it. Am I always logged in while at home, or do I preserve my availability . . . → Read More: When do you log in for phone sex, Mistress?