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So Mean

This post is for my humiliation sluts, especially those of you who loooove how mean I can be. I just have to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for your gasps of pain when my verbal slings and arrows pierce your soul. Thank you for acknowledging I am the meanest, bitchiest, most cold Goddess you have ever had the . . . → Read More: So Mean

Naughty and Fucked

Hello, adorables! Would you like to hear me make fun of one of my cherished phone sex callers? Honestly, do not be frightened. He’s begged me to do this, to share his call with you. So that more and more of you who love my pics will call and fall into my lair.

Soooooo this . . . → Read More: Naughty and Fucked

Hello My Stroker Sluts!

Hello, sweet sluts! I have a few more calls of the day to blog about, but this post is about stroking. Specifically, stroking your little thingie like only you can.

Now, most of you know there’s no stroking without my permission, right? So I want to start a game. And the game is, you . . . → Read More: Hello My Stroker Sluts!

The Future of Panties

Hello! Have you all heard about the forthcoming ban on panties? I couldn’t believe it … soon enough, all women’s panties will be outlawed from stores and available only online. Only blah and boring men’s underwear will be sold in stores. Yanno, the kind chronic strokers wear.

Apparently, too many of us humiliating phone Mistresses are sending sissies . . . → Read More: The Future of Panties

A Huge Hit!

Wow! Seems my recent post and request to get to know my new phone sex callers better is a huge hit! I’ve received wonderfully descriptive emails about some of you naughties, it is the start of a beautiful relationship 🙂 Please keep them coming! My email address is melanie at enchantrixempire dot com.

And . . . → Read More: A Huge Hit!

Happy Autumn from your Phone Sex Goddess

Hello, sweet friends! After a wonderful and busy summer, I returned to taking calls fulltime, and you have been keeping me quite busy! Thank you for your wonderful and kinky phone sex calls, it’s so much fun logging in each day, anticipating what your wicked mood may be, and how I might add my . . . → Read More: Happy Autumn from your Phone Sex Goddess

Every Day is Independence Day!

Phone sex is a form of independence, isn’t it? You come see your femdom Mistress for a little (or a lot of) fun, and then, when satisfied, go on your way, secure in the knowledge that there are NO STRINGS and no expectations from you, except for you to be happy and have fond . . . → Read More: Every Day is Independence Day!

Phone Sex Mistress Makes a Cum Menu

*Slurp!* Sound good? I thought so too, that’s why I like to make you eat your cum. Not always – you may be totally grossed out by it.

Ewwww Mistress, please don’t make me do it!

I’ve found it’s addictive (for YOU hehe), one taste and you want to lick it up all the . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Mistress Makes a Cum Menu