So you want to know more about your Tease Princess!

Always struggle with the get-to-know-me sort of pages. Is it get to know more about Maya the girl whose voice will be tickling your ear or the Maya you would run into on the street?

Well let’s start off with the Maya you will discover on the phone. I am very much a fun and flirty sort of person and this is who I am on and off the phone so if you don’t like that bubbly giggly sort of Phone Mistress then we will not get along. We all have a certain sort of Mistress we crave and if yours is someone who is strict and serious then I am not the best fit for you.

Course should also warn you that I use the term “Phone Mistress” rather loosely. I am someone who has never done domination in the real world and prefer to call myself a Sensual Tease. My idea of phone domination is on the lighter end of the BDSM spectrum so soft domme or sensual domination would describe me the best. I have a list of my kinks that I enjoy engaging in on another page which you can find HERE.

I believe in being honest so with that mindset this sensual tease does not have any real-time domination experience which to me is someone who has attended a munch, dungeon, or played with a real-time submissive. However, I have explored some fun time domination fantasies with boyfriends in the bedroom and explored some of our kinks. To me, that is on a different level than seeking out a real-time domme. You might feel that playing with a partner is on par and that’s awesome. I just like to make you aware of my experiences and not paint myself as something I am not.

About Tease Princess Maya 1-800-601-6975

Random Tidbits About Your Tease Princess

When not on the phones I can be found enjoying the wonders of the outdoors. I living in British Columbia (near Vancouver) so tons of great hiking spots and course the amazing beaches be it ocean or lakes. When the weather is being a typical rainy west coast day I will trade in my hiking shoes for a yoga mat.

Being a sexy Phone Tease isnt my only job I work at a resort. Use to do it full time and attempted to quit but my boss begged me to stay on as a relief worker which I agreed too. Some weeks I can focus all my attention to cock control and other weeks its looking at guests at the resort and pondering which male guests are wearing panties under their fishing waders. Hmm that might be a blog come to  think of it haha.

I enjoy is cooking not a fabulous cook but if its something that requires under 5 ingredients then I am all over it. Just got an air fryer so am having fun exploring recipes for that.

Have a black cat who I adopted from a feral cat society. He is the most loving and demonic thing ever. Usually refer to him as Demon Cat in my twitter haha. Cause well he is psychotic.

I have the worst memory for remembering names of songs, artists/actors, movies. So asking who I am listening too is gonna be umm ahh hmm whats his name again? I generally have to google it. Ya that bad.

Oh and the question you probably wonder the most… I am single. Currently have a pillow pal – fuck buddy -fwb  I see for fun naughty times. BDL is the nick you will see on my twitter when I am going out with him or spending the evening with him. So cucks if you like being the clean up boy those tweets are just for you ~ You’re welcome!

So that’s me in a weird nutshell.

If you would like to know more by all means get in touch with me by any of the options below.

Phone: 1-800-601-6975 ask for Maya

Email: maya@enchantrixempire.com

Skype: EnchantrixMaya

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