sexy melanieHello, my adorable phone sex caller. How ARE you today? It’s hump day, which means you are restricted from touching yourself all day and night. Just a little gift for you!

Nooo cock stroking for you! None. You know I’m always accommodating like this … *giggle*. I love shocking the hell out of you with how mean I am 🤩  Maybe if you’re very, very good and do exactly as I say for the majority of your call I will reward you. Maybe … but truly not likely.

I also want to say THANK YOU for calling me via click to call. Don’t you love it? You can reach me right away when I’m available, you don’t have to wait on hold for one of our lovely dispatchers, and, best of all, there’s never a time where you’re told I’m not available but I am! Yes, that happens, it’s rare but it does, because things get busy and sometimes dispatch doesn’t see my button is green. So to reach me right away just click here and order your hot humiliation call!

Spank ya soon … xoxo