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Hi there! I just updated this page. Here’s a sexy pic to make you smile:

Right now is a busy time for me, I have a lot going on until the end of the year. I’m logged in to take calls as often as I can be, and when not logged in I am not at home or not able to torment you.

When I’m logged in and you see I’m available, call! I don’t take appointments when I’m logged in because what happens if I’m on a call and it goes past your appointment time? It’s not fair for me to cut someone’s call short to accommodate someone else, and I don’t want to make you wait around. That means, for now I am not taking appointments.

So, again, when you see my green button don’t sit onĀ  your hands or email to ask questions (you can do that when I’m away and I’ll get back to you) – just call! Catch your beautiful, deliciously malicious Princess while you can.

Thank you! xoxoxo