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Blocked Callers

Helloooo there, my sweet strokers! OK so this is a quick post to tell you about blocking (slutstick samantha, your post is coming tomorrow or the next day don’t worry). I wrote about this last year, I think. Sometime in the past. And wanted to let you know again, mostly for new readers.

If you see I’m available, if my button is green, and you call and ask your sexy dispatcher to be connected to me but she says I am busy, that means you’re on my block list. Now, odds are this will never happen to you, not ever. Because I only have three strokers on that list, after all my years here. I’ll go over who is on it in a minute, and you will see it is not you. But sometimes mistakes happen, so if you see my button is green yet the dispatcher says I’m busy, please ask her to double check with me. After all, you are a good stroker and you please your Mistress, don’t you!

So who do I have blocked? There is Tim, remember him? He and I spoke for years, he totally adores me and still tries to reach me about once a week. BUT I won’t take his calls because he was very bad and found out where I live, and all kinds of personal things about me, and emailed me about it like a stalker. So I cut him off because that’s just not fun or fantasy at all. Poor Tim though, now that I reject him he is more in love with me than ever! He “makes do” (his words) with our other hot phone sex girls now.

And then there is, hmmm lets call him Aussie. Aussie called me for years also, but then I found out he was recording our calls for nefarious purposes, and he also set up some sort of tracker to see every time I took a call, how often and for how long. He was doing this with several girls, so the lot of us said bye bye Aussie.

My third blocked caller is a sweet stroker who begs and pleads with the dispatchers to reach me, I’m not sure what to call him let’s call him the whiner. Now, I love when you whine, don’t get me wrong. But this whiner would get all hopped up on something and then call me and demand and whine over and over, and then get nasty when your Princess would deny him as I loooove to do. He was like jekyll and hyde, I don’t know which of those was the crazy one but he would be fine one minute and psycho the next. I never knew what to make of him or what to do with him so I no longer speak with him. He cries and cries to try to reach me for years now, but nooooo.

So, you will know for sure if you are one of these three bad boys. If you are not, which surely you are not, then please remember to ask our beautiful dispatchers to double check if you cannot reach me. You can tell her I told you that you’re not blocked from my sweet humiliation. And if you have any questions, you can always email me.

Kisses, Happy Sunday! xoxoxo


1 comment to Blocked Callers

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I am glad I am not one of those unfortunate blocked callers. I always have a great time on our calls…I would be very disappointed if I had to go through life knowing I could never get on cam for you again

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