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Cock-loving Jizzelle asked me to blog about her. In fact, she BEGGED me to. Eh, not really, this little cumeater is not so much a humiliation bitch. She just loooooves eating the cum of a thousand men, and having them fuck her pussy, too! And she loves her panties and bras.

This tight-pussy slut . . . → Read More: Jizzelle

Happy Saturday!

Oh guess who called me yesterday, crying that I never wrote her blog post? That’s right, my cock sucking, panty wearing sissy who begs me to call her STUPID. Well, I don’t like calling her that, I’m really not as mean as that. But she may actually be stupid because I did write her . . . → Read More: Happy Saturday!

Oh Where to Begin …

So many of you ask me how long I’ve been a dominant girl. Well, all my life, but that’s really not important, is it. What’s important is how long YOU have craved my strict instruction.

I started here at Enchantrix Empire back in 2008 – 10 years ago! I was in my very small . . . → Read More: Oh Where to Begin …

Mindy BomBom

Hi! Today I’d like to talk about another of my favorite┬ásissies, Mindy BomBom! Well, that’s not her true sissy name of course. I’ve masked it to protect her privacy. (Mindy, you are free to comment in this post if you want to “out” yourself.)

I have spoken with Mindy BomBom on and off over . . . → Read More: Mindy BomBom

Halloween is Coming!

Oh hiya cock stroker! It’s so nice to see you again. Did you know that Halloween is in two days???

Well, for some of you that won’t matter. But for you panty wearing sissies, it will! This is your favorite holiday, right? Soooo what are you planning?

Me? I’ll be home handing out candy, . . . → Read More: Halloween is Coming!

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday? Would you like to know why? Because all of the wackiest fantasies are around today. I have never heard phone sex fantasies as bizarre as you are sharing today. Is it something in the air?

Aw, you know I adore you strokers, freaky fantasies and all ­čśŤ One little sissy slut actually . . . → Read More: Wacky Wednesday

Titty Tuesday WOOHOO

Good morning! That headline grabs your attention, doesn’t it? Because all you males loooove titties – looking at them or, for you sissies, flaunting them ­čśŤ

And for THIS Titty Tuesday, instead of challenging YOU as I do in every phone sex humiliation call, I’m going to challenge ME. With a goal of writing . . . → Read More: Titty Tuesday WOOHOO

Sissy Pass!

Oh hello, cock strokers. How are you?

Also, WHERE have some of you gone? My longtime strokers who I SUDDENLY DO NOT HEAR FROM, hmmm???? Like a handful of you, and you know who you are. I expect a call from you this week!

So, back to the main topic for this post – . . . → Read More: Sissy Pass!

Slutstick Samantha!

Hello my naughties! Soooo I realized that I never talked about slutstick samantha even though I promised her I would. She called me recently crying, crying so hard because I forgot about her sissy self and ignored her in my blog. She wailed Ohhhh Miss Melanie, I know I have no right to ask . . . → Read More: Slutstick Samantha!

Naughty and Fucked

Hello, adorables! Would you like to hear me make fun of one of my cherished┬áphone sex callers? Honestly, do not be frightened. He’s begged me to do this, to share his call with you. So that more and more of you who love my pics will call and fall into my lair.

Soooooo this . . . → Read More: Naughty and Fucked