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Happy Saturday!

Oh guess who called me yesterday, crying that I never wrote her blog post? That’s right, my cock sucking, panty wearing sissy who begs me to call her STUPID. Well, I don’t like calling her that, I’m really not as mean as that. But she may actually be stupid because I did write her . . . → Read More: Happy Saturday!

So, this is Heaven

Hello, sweet strokers! Do we even realize how fortunate we are? Think about it, instead of going out to hunt and forage for your daily food, you can sit on your couch, call a phone sex girl and stroke your cock. WOW!

Lucky little bitch.

Meanwhile, the caveman is out hunting and foraging for . . . → Read More: So, this is Heaven

The Purpose of a Cuckold

Hello, cucky! You know I adore calls with you, I love to hear how your wife or girlfriend humiliates you with her other lovers. And then I dig deep down into your own desires to find out why you like her to do it …

Now, as I hope you know, a cuckold call . . . → Read More: The Purpose of a Cuckold

Be My Slave

Hello, stroker. I am interviewing for new slaves. Not that I don’t adore my old slaves, but some have gotten married and cannot call as much so I do have some openings.

Here is what you have to do to apply. First, read past entries on my blog. Click all around it, and listen . . . → Read More: Be My Slave

Halloween is Coming!

Oh hiya cock stroker! It’s so nice to see you again. Did you know that Halloween is in two days???

Well, for some of you that won’t matter. But for you panty wearing sissies, it will! This is your favorite holiday, right? Soooo what are you planning?

Me? I’ll be home handing out candy, . . . → Read More: Halloween is Coming!

Yes I Love It

Hello, my stroker sluts! Yessss I do love messing with your minds, so very much!

I love getting you all worked up for some reward and then yanking it from you when it’s so very close. I love to tease and humiliate you (because you know you deserve it) and to hear you cry . . . → Read More: Yes I Love It

Stroker Contest!

Hello, naughty slut! How about a stroker contest? What? That’s not an original idea? It’s been done a lot before? *giggle* Ok then, forget it … onto the blog post 😛

So, I’ve had a wild week. At the start of it two slaves showed up at my door, part-time slaves whose wives discovered . . . → Read More: Stroker Contest!

Do You Remember Me?

Hiya, oh fun one. How are you?

You know I can be a beautifully mean girl, right? That’s why, from now on for the foreseeable future when you call me and ask Do you remember me? my response to you will be NOOOOOOO


You see, I remember every single one of you phone sex . . . → Read More: Do You Remember Me?

Sissy Pass!

Oh hello, cock strokers. How are you?

Also, WHERE have some of you gone? My longtime strokers who I SUDDENLY DO NOT HEAR FROM, hmmm???? Like a handful of you, and you know who you are. I expect a call from you this week!

So, back to the main topic for this post – . . . → Read More: Sissy Pass!

Slutstick Samantha!

Hello my naughties! Soooo I realized that I never talked about slutstick samantha even though I promised her I would. She called me recently crying, crying so hard because I forgot about her sissy self and ignored her in my blog. She wailed Ohhhh Miss Melanie, I know I have no right to ask . . . → Read More: Slutstick Samantha!