As you wander down that forest path taking you from Mistress Nadia’s amazing enchanted forest adventure you find that you are getting tired from that Cock Monster. Good thing you have found a nice spot to rest near the river bank under this knotty oak tree. Finding a nice place to sit under the twisted branches so you can watch the fall leaves spin in the river current. Your day dreaming of what has occurred in your last few days within the enchanted forest from giantess caverns to cock sucking to feminization to cock monster and more OH BOY!

Licking your lips to clean off the last remnants of cum from your lips you hear twigs snapping behind you. Twisting to see who or what is behind you but nada. Just foggy swirls amongst the bushes lining the forest trail. Back to daydreaming and enjoying that list bit of excitement. You find your cock starting to throb and well this is the perfect place to stroke that cock of yours. No one will know what or who got your aroused. Slipping your zipper down you pull out your cock and begin stroking your cock to the idea of eating more loads of cum. Or perhaps its time you worship a sexy being.

Long legs.

Sexy feet.

Yes this is what is really getting your cock throbbing hard with each and every stroke. Worshiping a sexy woman with long legs and sexy feet. Having her smother your face with her perfectly pedicure feet. Oh the excitement.

Just as your leaning back into that oak tree releasing a moan of excitement for your fantasy has your hand finding the perfect rhythm its then you are interrupted by a sexy voice behind you. “Sorry to interrupt could you help me?”

Startled is an understatement. You quickly try to compose yourself and half wonder what they saw. Did they see you?

Slipping your erection back into your pants and adjusting your shirt to turn around to see who the sexy voice belong too and better yet how you could help them. Upon turning around you see a sexy woman with skin all aglow, long dark hair and intense brown eyes. A sweet yet sexy smile crossing over my reddish lips. “Sorry didnt mean to interrupt your nap but I have been wandering for a bit and rather confused where I am.”

All you could do was look into my eyes and just kept getting lost in them. Like you were instantly mesmerized. Something about me just lulls you into a trance. “You did not disturb my nap I was masturbating.”

As those words escape your lips your hands fly up to your mouth to cover it for how could those words come out. Stop mouth. How rude.

That smile of mine expands even deeper and my eyes grow darker.

“I know it was your sexual energy that drew me to you.”

You go from being stunned at what came out of your lips to confused by what I just said. Huh surely she didnt just say that!

A sexy laugh swirls around you. Oh I am a succubus and I thrive off others sexual energy. Its been ages since I felt such a strong urge like yours. Please do not stop on my account.

No sooner do I say those words and your cock is twitching in your pants to be released again. I step closer to you. Hand touching the front of your pants without touching but you can feel that heat from the palm of my hand through your pants. Your cock wants to be touched. Craves to be touched.

I lean in for a kiss and the moment out lips touch you feel that spark. That energy flow between us for a brief moment. Long enough for you to want more.

My lips touching yours is enough for me to be able to read your mind. Hearing  your thoughts or better yet your cock telling me what it desires most. Yes it was to worship me but I have something better for you to do other than worship my legs.

Lay down and let me sit upon your face and have you worship this delightful pussy of mine. That tongue lapping up and down over my smooth slit. Enjoying those juices as they drip into your mouth. As you lick your hand glides down to your zipper to release your hardening cock. Hand poised to stroke but waiting. Waiting for permission. Hoping your licking of my pussy will grant you permission to satisfy your insatiable need as well.

“Stroke for you Sexy Succubus.”

You hear those words and your cock is already dripping with precum. Your hand rubbing up and down. “Ahh stroke slowly.”

Those commands start to come from my mouth between moans and that has you having a very difficult time obeying the jerk off instructions but you want to impress me. You know you must impress me.

Lick. Lick. Stroke. Stroke.

Hold that edge. Do not cum. You have not been given permission to cum.

Be a good boy for your sexy Succubus Maya.

I control your cock now.

I feast upon your sexual energy. Let me keep you on that orgasm edge longer. Stroke and edge for me like a good jerk off boy!

Now don’t worry this sexy Succubus shall leave you with just enough sexual energy and ball juice so that you can carry along the enchanted forest path to Bethany, our very own babe with a boner, hopefully you can keep up with what she has in store for you.

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