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The End of Summer … and Shorts!

Hello! Not just women and pink-loving sissies wear girlie shorts, you know. I was surprised about this, but quite a few of you told me this summer you’re walking around in see-thru shorts and cute panties.

Well, better get those leggings ready because summer will soon be over. That means it won’t be so easy to show off those sexy legs, or teeeeeeny tiny bulge you have going on. You can still take long walks to show off, but you’ll be a little more covered up.

Which means, sissy or cuckold or chronic stroker, it’s time to wear some makeup! Hahahha I dare you, slap on a little foundation, blush, lip gloss and even sparkly eye shadow and see what happens.

Don’t want to? Well aren’t you a little killjoy. You *must* experiment outside of your comfort zone if you want to GROW, stroker. Not that your little clit will ever grow. I mean INSIDE. That’s the only place you can hope to do it.

Email me your makeup pics today!

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