Most of the time my posts probably seem more fetish focus but that is just a small part of who I am. For I do love diving into fantasies and erotic roleplays. Weaving a story that will enhance what thoughts and ideas are swirling around in your mind. Sometimes a fantasy is from an event that happened and your want to play out it going completely different other times it’s a made-up scenario that you wish would occur in your life.

Now what prompted this posting is a comment someone made on, if you didn’t know you can leave a review of your session. Fred, I can use his name cause he left it in his comment, had said the “roleplay was like writing chapters in his own erotic novel.”

Erotic roleplays are like my own naughty novel

His statement is how I have always felt about erotic roleplays its a book you get to write out right then and there. Even better when you continue on with the fantasy call after call. Between calls, you get to think of how you want the next chapter to go. Course when you are dealing with a sensual tease like myself you will come to me with your idea of how you want that next chapter to go and well I will put in my own sexy twists. After all, I do have to keep you on your toes after all and well get that cock throbbing extra hard for me.

With Fred, he had told me that he adores being teased and wanted a long sensual tease session. Not to toot my own horn or anything but long, sensual teasing is sort of my thing. (Yes I may be pausing to flip my hair back as I type that). Mind you Fred knew that I was a tease for he had read my bio and blog so he knew what he was getting into. Somewhat haha.

Knowing he craved a tease it was all about what fantasy to create around that. Well, it didn’t take long for Fred knew what he wanted. Pretty sure after reading my bio that he had already started to create the beginning of his erotic roleplay in his mind already. Since I work at the front desk of a resort when not taking cock teasing phone sex calls he wanted to be a guest at the resort and have me tease him. Not gonna lie the idea of teasing a guest is always a fun one. Not sure why suppose for me it definitely is something forbidden when it comes to being a hospitality worker.

Let’s create a kinky fantasy that we can build upon with each session.

I won’t go into the full details of his erotic roleplay other than to say it’s a story line that very easily lends itself to having multiple chapters of naughtiness as each day of his visit was a new adventure in teasing. Also, the times between teasing sessions has Fred reminiscing about how hard he was for his tease princess. He can also ponder what other sexy adventures he can do at Ms. Maya’s Resort for the Naughty. Or should it be the Resort for the Kinky? Shall have to work on the name anyways back to the topic at hand and that being Fred getting worked up between calls and coming up with some new ideas of what ways he would like to be teased.

Curious are you someone who would like a more realistic sort of erotic roleplays or would you prefer your sensual fantasies to dive into the area of pure fantasy?

Love to explore a sensual role play with you be it involving your favourite fetish or a scenario that’s inspired by something going on in your day to day world.

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