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Every Day is Independence Day!

Phone sex is a form of independence, isn’t it? You come see your femdom Mistress for a little (or a lot of) fun, and then, when satisfied, go on your way, secure in the knowledge that there are NO STRINGS and no expectations from you, except for you to be happy and have fond memories of our time together. What could be better than that?!

sexy melanieI hear from some of you occasionally that you’re sorry for not calling in a while, or for not emailing sooner, and sometimes you seem worried that I’ll be upset with you about it. But honey, I’m here for when YOU want me. Whether that’s every day, weekly, monthly, or once a year or two, that’s cool! Seriously. I am not one of those women who gets possessive or has expectations of you. No matter how often we’ve talked, how well we know each other, I want you to go off and explore other LDW Mistresses if the urge strikes, the women here are fabulous. If I was a man, I’d be making the rounds with them bigtime! And then, when you’re ready, I’d love to talk again. No matter how long it’s been since we spoke. So you never, ever have to worry about that with me.

It’s all about independence. I’m all about independence. I always have been and always will be. So this weekend, I will be loving life! While humiliating the hell out of you, of course. We live in a fantastic country. Sure, it has some issues, but nothing is perfect (perfect is boring). I feel fortunate to live here and to have such an exciting and fun life, filled with varied activities and fascinating conversations with you.

So Happy Independence Day baby, whether you live here in the U.S. or abroad. It’s a good life. Enjoy it.

Miss Melanie xoxo

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