You KNOW one of my favorite sports ever is extreme humiliation, right? In fact, if you ever want to get your Mistress a gift but don’t want to visit amazon, just call and let me humiliate you as fiercely as I want. There’s nothing better!

So the other day a new, unsuspecting horny male called me. He said “hey, baby,” and what do you think happened next? I pulled all sorts of information out of him, his deepest and darkest secrets. And then I proceeded to shame him as he’s never been shamed before. Well, he told our beautiful dispatcher he wanted humiliation, but I don’t think this cock stroker knew what he was getting into.

I guess my sweet young voice fooled him 😜

The moans and sighs and eventual screams that came from this caller were among the most intense I’ve heard. At one point he could not catch his breath and I thought about stopping the call so he could get medical help, but he recovered quickly and I continued my verbal abuse. At the end, of course, I denied him until he begged so very hard and then bought up my entire wish list. I still didn’t let him finish.

It was one of my favorite calls ever.

Don’t be jealous, I love these calls and will have them all day and all night. You could even ask dispatch to wake me in the middle of the night to have one of these calls, I love them that much.

Just remember, once you let it rip there’s no stopping me. It’s ruined some callers forever …