Welcome to the Fifth Day of my Kinkmas where this Tease Princess finds 5 golden toe rings under the tree.

On the fifth day of Christmas, my submissive sent to me
Five golden toe rings
Four spanking paddles
Three butt plugs
Two strap-ons and
A bull in tight jeans.

You had to see this one coming after all I do have a fondness for having my body worshipped in general and putting something sparkly on my toes so that those with a foot fetish are drawn to having a look just sort of adds to the teasing fun. You can’t tell me you don’t find toe rings a tease!

As for the fantasy around foot fetish, foot worship and well, toe sucking, I know we can come up with something just perfect.

Ohhh how about watching me with that sweet black patent leather heel just dangling off my toes. Watching me just sort of pump that heel on and off my sexy foot. You are lured into that magical little game of when will the shoe fall?

When will I expose my foot?

Tease you with that soft pink sole that will have your mind racing with all sort of kinky foot worshiping ideas.

Then you get distracted by that glimmer of gold as the light bounces off the rings. Luring your attention away from the bottom of my foot. From the sexy arch and have your focusing on my toe.

Hmm will I wear all 5 golden toe rings at once? How do you envision me wearing those toe rings?

Do you have a favorite toe you like to see being adorned by rings?

Look forward to exploring your foot fetish fantasy with you soon.


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