Hello, my sluts! Ohhhh boy you are on a roll again, keeping Mistress so busy I can barely catch a breath while taking calls! One of you even questioned the dispatcher about how many calls I had already today and what time I logged in. What the hell? As if that’s any of your businessĀ šŸ˜‚ But I do appreciate how involved you are with your mean lady here!

So, you need a good ass spanking. And I’m just the woman to do it. My favorite thing is to bend you over a hard wooden table and teach you a lesson with my thick paddle. Awwww, what’s wrong? Too harsh for you? You were fooled by my beautifully sweet voice, weren’t you … well, this happens a lot.

So, my naughty, here’s a nice pair of red lace panties. Slide them up your butt, tuck in your clittie and get ready for your punishment. Ohhhh I’m going to so love this!