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Hello, sweet callers (and those of you who have not worked up the courage yet). Just checking in to remind you to behave yourselves today while I’m away. I’m heading to a nearby nudie beach with my sissy and some sexy girlfriends. We have to take sissy, we need someone to roll the beach cart for us and watch our things while we play in the sand and water.

Did I mention how I ripped my bikini last weekend? I think I mentioned it on twitter or tumblr or something. Yes it ripped so I picked up a new one this week. I have a few but this summer am really into string bikinis and they tear so easily. I wasn’t even doing sexy domination stuff.

I was romping in the ocean and accidentally crashed into an old man who then went under the water, aak! He grabbed my string bikini bottom to pull himself back up and off it came! Needless to say, he emerged (in several ways) with a huuuuge grin on his face. Even though he didn’t have a huge something else. I told him he could call me anytime to finish things off.

Have a great day!