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Hello Dahlings

Happy Saturday! yes, this is the dominant phone sex mistress day-of-the-week blog. LMAO!

So how was last night? Did you go out? Perhaps to a glory hole? You know I do not advise that – and if you insist on going, make sure you’re safe! And make sure you wear panties *chuckle* I’m speaking specifically to my slaves …

And cucks, and sissies, and strokers, and little teeeeeny men less than one foot tall.

I’ve updated my amazon wish list┬ábecause one of my slaves bought it up a few days ago. I’m a tech junkie and have all kinds of fun things on my new list, along with some cute makeup. Take your pick, or buy it all!

Let’s have fun this weekend, cock strokers, so that you reeeeeealllly miss me next week. I want you to wring your hands and pull your hair and cry and cry because you miss me so very much.

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