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Hello Naughties

Hi! It’s me, Miss Melanie, checking in. I’ve heard from a few callers that you want an update on my sissy, the sissy who lives with me – Justin, remember him? I talked about him A LOT in my old blog, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned him much in this newer one. 

Justin is my honey, he was not a sissy when I met him but I guess always had the proclivity to be dominated by a capable Mistress. During our first intimate encounter I offered him his very own lacy panties and he happy put them on. After that, he wanted to go shopping for more lingerie.

Off to Victoria Secret we went! He had been there before to buy me a pretty nightie, his second-date gift to his Princess. This time, we told the sales girl, who remembered him, that the delicates were for him. She got a BIG kick out of that!

And this is how Justin my sissy was created! Someday soon I’ll tell you how he started sucking cock

Kisses xoxo

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