Hello, my sweet naughties. How are you? Im doing GREAT. I’ve had such fun calls recently. Well, always, but especially lately. Sooo many new-to-me subbies coming to Miss Melanie, along with my years-long angels (HA) who still crave me. I adore each and every one of you!

So, I have an assignment for you. Whether you’re a sissy, a sub, a cuckold, or just a vanilla stroker. Because it all stems from sexual excitement, doesn’t it? Here’s your task – for the next two weeks you are NOT to touch yourself without your Mistress on the phone. And I may be tough to reach, which makes this even better.

No touching without me in your ear. Who’s game? Are you brave enough?

In other news, I have a wild party planned for Sunday. Some of you know what those involve. A bunch of my Mistress girlfriends come over (no one from Enchantrix Empire, I mean my longtime girlfriends who live nearby). A few of them bring their boyfriends. And we dress them up and humiliate them for hours. It’s a blast!

My sissy Justin will be hosting this party. He will not be among the humiliated, as he will be too busy serving us ladies. Poor sissy Justin. Don’t you want to just spank him!

**Oh, VERY IMPORTANT – Keep using click-to-call to call me. There’s no time on hold, no chance of confusion and … the best part … I call you! Click here to set up your call. Save that link! Play with you soon**

Click below for a FREE guided stroking audio. You’re welcome 😛