Hello, my sweet stroker sluts! It’s finally March, Whew. I’m excited for winter to end. I miss wearing my cute little bike shorts and tank tops when I’m out and about. Teasing and tormenting all you naughties who happen to catch a glimpse.

It’s mean, I know. You love it, that I also know. So many of you who are returning to Me after speaking with others tell me how you’ve missed my adorable mocking. I’m no boring old dominatrix. Nope. I’m your young, beautiful mean girl who you crave and fawn over, and when you do I jab you, hard, in the most delicious ways. Over and over until you cry for mercy.

That’s your Princess Melanie 🙂 It’s hard to reach me sometimes, I’m on the phone a lot when logged in. But as anyone can tell you, the wait is so very worth it.

I’m not a girl who sits by her email, so don’t waste precious time emailing me to “see” if you can call. JUST CALL. Because if you ask, I might decide to kick you and not even reply. I want only the brave on the phone with me. You can whimper and whine, but you have to be bold enough to set up your phone sex call on your own.

One more thing – Keep calling me via click to call! It is the BEST way to reach me, easiest for you (no hold times) and guaranteed to get me on the phone with you when I’m logged in and available. The best part is, it’s like I am calling you because you set up your call and then, like magic, your phone rings and there I am! So much fun 😉

Bye for now! And enjoy your free audio below.