Probably the most asked thing I get asked is whether I enjoy being with a man who has a foot fetish in real life and how that all happened. It can be a rather odd answer for I was probably like most women who kind of did that whole crinkle my nose when foot fetish stuff was mentioned, “Eww! Really you wanna what with my feet?”

However, it was years later after that first conversation about feet and fetishes that I started to appreciate my feet more. Found I was wearing shoes that accentuated my feet in such a way that I wanted men to look at them. Even compliment me on my shoes and feet. Perhaps I was always that way but it took my conscious brain to catch up and lose that weird head space around foot worship and such. Granted I was in this self-discovery phase with my sexuality around kinks and fetishes so that may have been that little key to unlocking things for myself. Sure we all have that moment. Or perhaps it’s someone who helps us unlock them fully.

The first foot fetish intro…

My first introduction was a person I casually dated in college. Rather funny he confessed he had a foot fetish and I just giggled at him teasing him with my feet. Had slid my foot out of my flip-flop and pointed my toes toward his face. Wiggling my toes in the air what do you think of my toe polish colour?

He started to blush for I don’t think that was the response he expected. I was feeling flirty at the time so it does explain my response. Yes, I have always been one to tease you once I know what gets you excited. So suppose before I even clued in to what he had said my flirty cock teasing side took over. Mind you at that time I don’t think I fully understood what someone with a foot fetish meant either. In my head, it was ok ya you like to look at women’s feet. Yes, I do realize I was wrong in a way.

His blushing rather did excite me though but it was more he wasn’t interested in my polish. Yes, he thought my pink polish was cute but not what got him excited. His foot fetish desire was more intimate than that. He loved the idea of massaging my feet and kissing my toes. Something he didn’t want to confess at that moment. He felt odd trying to explain what excited him about feet or even knew if he said what he wanted to do with my feet I might like all the other women in his past just give him that Eww look.

How it began….

It wasn’t till weeks later when we were watching a movie together curled up on the couch that he asked me to put my bare feet into his lap so he could massage them. I was like sweet rub my tender tootsies by all means.

His hands felt amazing working on my crinkly soles.

His fingers slipping between my toes.

He was ever so tender with how he took care of pampering my feet. Lifting one foot up to massage then carefully placing it down in his lap to lift the other foot and tend to it. It was during this switch of feet that I felt it. “It” being how aroused he was becoming from just rubbing my feet. In that moment, I know your hoping I did something gave him a footsie or what ever but no nothing ever transpired in that moment between us. It was a simple moment of letting him worship my feet and enjoy his quiet arousal without anything more.

Yes your probably shocked by that response but part of it was definitely not knowing what he needed from me for I lacked the understanding of his fetish and also seeing the look on his face he was content in that moment to just enjoy being able to rub and touch a woman’s feet without any explanation orĀ  judgement.

Curious are you someone who tells your dates that you have a foot fetish?

If you wondering what else happened with myself and this foot fetish fellow then I would be more than happy to chat about my real time experiences or even create a wonderful foot worshiping fantasy for yourself.

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