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Hump Day and your Little Bump

Hiya, my sweet little strokers! Part of being a mean mistress is *not* giving you what you want right away, holding out until I feel you are ready, or that you have earned it. Like not blogging about you when you beg me to (begging is a sure way to make sure I delay it) and also blogging about you when I know you don’t want me to.

So today, I’m going to mention one of you who is struggling with being gay, and doesn’t want anyone to know about it. This sweet cock sucker has been calling me for a while, because as you know one call with me leads to an addiction. She calls and whines and complains – Mistress, I don’t want to be gay, I’m not gay, why do you think I am GAY?!

Uh, maybe because you suck cock and like to get fucked by men? Dead giveaway. She hasn’t had a girlfriend in years, she can’t get hard from women, only when a big dick is in front of her face or in her ass. So yes, total faggie. BE PROUD.


1 comment to Hump Day and your Little Bump

  • Gay Boi FF

    Princess Melanie,
    I was in the same boat for years. Denial can be a real MFer. It’s amazing what a guy can convince himself of, just through denial. “I’m not gay. I’m just curious.” Then one day I realized I literally couldn’t get an erection for my wife…who got a boob job. I blamed fatigue from work. See where I’m going? One can justify anything, if he puts his mind to it. Then, slowly and surely (through lots of therapy, meditation and looking in the mirror), I realized that maybe I was more than curious. We live in a data driven society. So, I looked at my data. In the span of 15 years, I’d been with far more men than women. Granted, I was married. But,t I had PLENTY of desire to cheat with men. ZERO desire to cheat with women. Hell, I barely wanted my wife. Then I looked at my porn consumption. Easily 95% gay. And that’s honest. Hard to argue with that data. Once I looked at the possibility of being gay, acceptance crept in. I wasn’t psyched about it. I mean, who would CHOOSE to be gay in today’s society. But, when I accepted that it wasn’t a choice, it made it easier. Being gay isn’t bad. I’m not a terririst or a criminal. I’m a normal guy who likes men. I’m gay. See? I said it. And I’m still here. I hope your caller sees this. And you can be gay and STILL like to be humiliated. I mean, the desire to be humiliated is a great fetish (I have a small cock, Princess. Let the laughter begin). I know this might be a tad serious for a femdom blog. But, I felt it needed to be said. Don’t whine. Own it. Gay is Beautiful!!! Now, back to my tiny cock….

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