How do you keep warm in the winter? Do you get naked in your bed, bundle up in a blanket and then call Me to humiliate you? Does that keep you warm enough?

I don’t think so. I think you need to be SPANKED.

You can do it with pretty much anything in your home. You don’t need a paddle! How about a spatula, although put it in the dishwasher after. You wouldn’t want to make your eggs with an ass paddle! You could also use a loofa on a stick, or a hairbrush. Whatever will sufficiently make you a little uncomfortable and remind you who is boss 🙂

I want you to do this even if you can’t reach me on the phone. You all keep me so busy, I know there can be a bit of a wait … so don’t wait. If you call me already spanked, we can do it again, or I can just deny you some good stroking.

OK … tty soon!