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Melanie Relationship AdviceStroker! Uh, listen please … or read some relationship advice. You do NOT have to share your crazy sex fantasies with your significant other if it will break up the relationship! Keep it secret.

Since when did you men become so honest, hmmm? Bad idea.

Relationship Advice

Now remember who you’re taking relationship advice from. My goal is to run you down the rabbit hole of twisted sexcapades. To wrest control from your busy hands and determine your spent fate according to my whims. As you read this, keep that in mind.

Act Normal

Your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or whomever does NOT want to know how kinky you are. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to where your mind goes. So talk to me about it all, not to her (or him). And certainly don’t ask your SO to dress you in panties, spank you, let you suck a cock, or any of that. Sheesh.

That’s what I’m here for.