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Hello, my sweet naughties. Happy Saturday! What are your plans for the weekend? I hope to be around a lot, except for the gym and some shopping. It’s not a date night or a party night, so you may have an opportunity to reach me for some mean mistress talk, and more.

I am loving this free-call promotion. Even though I’ve signed up for just two blocks – one last week and one coming up this week – for some reason it’s luring many of you back to me I have not spoken with in a while. I’ve missed your phone sex calls and kinks and am very happy to hear from you again. Stick around!

So, I got an email today from a new-to-me (but not to the service) caller who wanted me to follow his “regular” mistress’s protocols. He made a point of telling me he was only checking with me because she was not currently available.

You all just know how much I love those kinds of emails, right? LMAO not even a little bit. Did I reply to him? What do you think? Do you think that kind of email deserves a reply from your dominant goddess? Feel free to comment below …

Play with you soon! xoxo