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Maybe Not So Mean …

Ohhhh goodness. OK, so here’s what happened. Last night a little stroker slut called me, well I can’t even call him a little slut, OR a stroker, because he is a virgin! I won’t say his age but, um, don’t most of you males lose your virginity by age 20?

Anyway, he called this phone sex mistress for the first time and said Mistress, I want you to be mean and abusive and tear me apart! OK, you know how I love to do that. But since we had not spoken before I asked him to tell me a little about himself.

Well this caller was just so sweet and so happy! I reached deep down into my charred soul but could not find the desire to be mean to him! Not at all. In fact, I wanted to wrap my arms around this chubby wannabe cuck and protect him!

Of course, that’s not what he called for but we had a wonderful time on the phone, and now I have a new friend who could truly become a dear friend. So you see, maybe I’m not so very mean after all …

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