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Hello, my lovies. You know that even when I mistreat you (at your request, of course) that I still adore you, right? I hope you know that, and also that I only have your best interests at heart. No matter how vicious and mean I can be 🙂

That’s why I always emphasize that you are safe within and outside of our naughty phone fantasies. Most times you appreciate that, which makes me adore you even more.

If we have not had a call yet, take a look through my blog and also my audios page. There you can hear my voice, hear some stories and get to know me better. To decide if a call with me is a good fit for you. I’m not a phone sex mistress for everyone … you should be a bit twisted (in a great way) to enjoy our calls. Also, prepare to be immediately hooked … *smile*

More soon.

Kisses xoxo