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Monday Morning Tease and Denial

So, an hour ago I was at the gym in an extra skimpy workout outfit. You know – short shorts, a tank top, no panties or bra. My usual summer workout wear but not so common in chilly weather like today. Oh well, I thought it would be fun to tease and deny some muscle heads.

So there I am on a thigh machine (I so love that machine) when suddenly my short shorts rolled up right into my, um, you know. I guess I was perspiring a bit, which tightened the fabric, and up they went! And, of course, three older cuckies were nearby on some weight benches. I didn’t know for a fact they were cuckolds, of course, but I could see they lacked lumps through their shorts. Thanks to walls of mirrors they all saw what happened, dropped their 10lb weights and turned to gawk.

What do you think your mean mistress did? Hmmmm? That’s right … nothing. I worked that thigh machine hard, everything showing, and opened my beautiful legs extra wide when I got up.

Melting cuckies. LOL. Call me, let’s play!

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