Welcome to the Ninth Day of Christmas the kinky Tease Princess version. On the 9th Day of Kinkmas you know gotta go down the denial route since it is Denial December in my mind and well nothing says you are denied an orgasm quite like putting dicks in chastity.

On the ninth day of Christmas, my submissive sent to me
Nine dicks in chastity
Eight wives a-cheating
Seven dildos a thrusting
Six nipple clamps
Five golden toe rings
Four spanking paddles
Three butt plugs
Two strap-ons and
A bull in tight jeans.

Oh! Just had the perfect holiday fantasy for dicks in chastity and that would be having you along with a few of your orgasm-denial subbies lined up naked. Of course, you’re not fully naked for you do have that wonderful metal cage on to contain and remind you that denial is the sweetest gift you will ever get this holiday season.

Your cage will have a little jingle bell attached to the lock and you will shake and thrust those hips to the instrumental for jingle bells. Mind you I think if you are the entertainment then maybe singing some holiday carols will be in order and you can thrust a jingle here n there for added effects.

Yup, this Tease Princess is loving the idea of you being that extra ring a ding ding to the holiday festivities.

How would you see entertaining me?


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