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Hello, my nookies. I bet you were wondering what nookies are, right? Well, nookies are you! My sweet cock strokers.

I’m a little silly this Sunday night, toasted from a weekend of sun and shopping. I just logged off from taking calls because sissy hub came home with some sissy friends so I have no privacy. But I’m still able to write you all a blog post, haha!

I love when she brings friends home because then all of them do chores in the house that I was too busy to get to. So sissy hub is doing laundry, one of her girlfriends is loading the dishwasher and another is dusting the wood.

Not THAT kind of dusting the wood, you perv. No touching yourself! I’m a wicked mistress, remember.

So anyway, when they’re done with chores, I’ll take them into sissy’s room and make them model her new clothes from the mall. That is their reward. They are all around the same build. Except for their clitties, my sissy has the smallest one. Can you guess how tiny?