October is here! Well actually its not really October here all the wonderful LDW Chastity adoring Mistresses keep calling it Locktober and its said with a sly smile and rather evil laugh.

Now this is my first Locktober at LDW so please go easy on myself. I will admit that chastity isn’t one of my stronger fetish but I do enjoy a good orgasm denial so locking you up in a cage to prevent you from orgasming. Ya I think I could learn to really like the chastity lifestyle in general plus having you beg for a release from your cage just to endure a few strokes. Hmm ya why have I not gotten more into locking up cocks and having worthless men live a chastity lifestyle.

Welcome to October’s Locktober Specials

As with last month I shall be doing a run down of our amazing specials and happenings during this wonderful month.

chastity locktober tease princess maya 1-800-601-6975

First off we have Chastity Hell as our site of the month, which should come as no surprise when its Locktober haha. So ya check out the site and the sexy mistresses ready to lock you up for all 31 days. Do you guys do 31 days of denial??? Could this be a regular thing? Hmm does get this Tease Princess mind going.

Secondly, we have the Halloween Blog Train happening. Its an Enchantrix Enchanted Forest theme this year and I believe all the sexy LDW Mistresses will be participating. Every Mistress has chosen a day to blog on and her blog will have some Enchanted Forest theme to her story.

LDW Halloween Blog Train Maya Tease Princess 1-800-601-6975

Halloween is my favorite time of year and I am so looking forward to my first participation in the blog train. Our very own Ms. Constance will be kicking off the Halloween Blog Train this year and who knows what she will come up with. Could it be a chastity theme? She does love locking certain people up. Will make it easy you can find Ms. Constance femdom blog right here!

Thirdly, there is Double Perks Points Day on Oct 13th. I am super bummed about missing this. For Friday the 13th is my favorite and to have it in October. Come on now!!!!

LDW Double Perk Points Day Tease Princess Maya 1-800-601-6975

To become a Perks member all you have to do is sign up through empireperks.com. Every call will get you points and those points earn you free calls, free audios or assignments. Like some amazing things to be had by becoming a Perks Member.

Chastity Locktober Call Specials

Loctober Chastity Specials Tease Princess Maya 1-800-601-6975

Fourthly, we have Wake and Wank. Not gonna lie this BC Bitch keeps waning to call it Wake and Bake you all know who I hang out with a little too much haha. Anyways the fun details on Wake and Wank is every morning between 3-9am EST you can get a 10 minute call for $20. There is a 1 person use on this deal. Any questions our amazing dispatchers will be happy to help you via our chat feature found on any of our main sites or by calling.

Fifth, We kept our hour long special from last month since so many were loving that deal. 60 minute sessions are $145. Think of all the chastity time you gain with your Mistress.

Hour long chastity phone special 1-800-601-6975 tease princess Maya

The begging.

The teasing.

The denying.

Oo the fun!

And our final deal of October is happening on Thursdays. Its called Calls n Balls like doesn’t that sound like fun too. I really need a new word for fun cause I say that way too much with all these amazing deals. But the details on this deal is every Thursday during October between 6pm and midnight EST you get 20 minute call for $45. I know I had to look twice at that too.

Thursday chastity phone sex special 1-800-601-6975 tease princess maya

So there you have it all the amazing specials happening during Locktober. My goodness that’s insane! Surely there is something you can enjoy be it a morning wank session that will have you begging for a release with your favorite Mistress to a Thursday night jerk off to help you prepare for the weekend.

Oh and just a reminder I will be on holidays from October 7 to 17. Which means I am definitely looking forward to enjoying some of these amazing chastity locktober specials with you then. Or before I leave cause I will be around to tease those cocks before I fly off to Mexico. One week and counting not that I am super excited or anything haha.

Wanna hear me run through the specials then this audio is for you!

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