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Hello, sluts! Yes, you know I mean you. I just wanted to address something that occasionally comes up. I get emails and calls from some of you who tell me you are “owned” by a mistress, either here at Enchantrix Empire or, more frequently, elsewhere, and she has “allowed” you to “call another mistress,” but only under her guidelines.


Well, good for you, but I do not recognize that dictum.

Now, let me clarify this for you cock strokers who are too busy drooling over my picture to focus. If you consider yourself “owned” by a mistress and you call me intending to dictate how our call goes based on your “owner”s wishes, think again. If the mistress is an Enchantrix, and she has contacted me and filled me in, then by all means I am more than happy to follow her guidance with you during our first call together. If you set up a two-mistress call with me and the Enchantrix mistress who owns you, then I am thrilled to be included and to follow her guidance during this call with you. But if you come up with some phantom mistress from elsewhere who I do not know, or any mistress who has not introduced you to me and asked me if I will accept your call, then you and I will follow our own lead during our session and no one else’s. And you will get the biggest spanking ever🙂