My friends and I get into some completely random conversations and well sometimes the random conversations lend well to be a blog topic cause well why not share the randomness of my world with you! The topic the other night was panties, no not what style do we were but more on the topic of who wears them and who doesn’t.  Yes odd I know and I bet you were hoping this was gonna be some panty fetish type of situation but sorry no!

Or maybe?

Cause I know my viewpoint will be a bit skewed with being an erotic phone entertainer. I see the kinky side to wearing panties and the teasing side to not. Or is it the other way around?

Panty Fetish Teasing

I enjoy wearing panties as a reminder to my partner that he can’t have what’s underneath those sexy panties and well tease him with my panty-covered pussy at any given moment. In case you were wondering yes I am a tease both on and off the phone. But to know that he can’t have access to my pussy till I say so by removing my panties. Hmm is incredibly hot. Or lease I find it very arousing.

Sure those panties work well for someone with a tease and denial fantasy for me straddling their lap while grinding my panty-covered pussy against them will most definitely get them moaning and wishing those panties would slip to the side and they would get what’s underneath… All in good time. My time.

Then those panties are amazing with cuckold fantasies for those panties soaking up the cream from a freshly fucked pussy. Hmm, priceless. Cause well I can then use those cum soaked panties and tease you.

Perhaps you see a theme with me wearing panties?

Non Panty Wearing Temptations

My friends of course were all non-panty wearers and they loved the idea that at any moment their partners could have access to their pussy.  They did paint some excitement to that however, non of them see the super kinky side to teasing so as much as they said panty free was the way to go. My mind went to those poor men with a panty fetish being denied the joy of seeing panty lines or a sneak peek at panties when the wind lifts the hem of a summer dress.

You get it right?

I mean you don’t even have to have a panty fetish to understand the joy of being teased with a panty-covered pussy. The spark a tease princess can get in her eye when she has a man rock hard with just the glimpse of lace covering her ass.

Yes perhaps I still can’t see the point to not wearing panties for the fun with wearing them is just too great as a tease princess.

So where do you fall on the panty debate?

Yes, you love them or no you rather have no panties at all?

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